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Hall of Fame - General Information

The Athletics Hall of Fame was established to honor those individuals who have distinguished themselves and the University through the
intercollegiate athletics program at Binghamton University. Its main purpose is to perpetuate the memory of those individuals who have brought distinction, honor and excellence to Binghamton University athletics. In 1996, Binghamton University celebrated its 50th anniversary year and part of that celebration was the opening of the Athletic Hall of Fame, which is housed in the West Gym lobby area, along the north wall.

The Binghamton University Hall of Fame is an acknowledgment of our past accomplishments and provides visible proof that we are building on a solid foundation, as we prepare to move our athletic programs to a higher level of competition. The Athletic Hall of Fame, featuring an attractive wall display with walnut plaques, illuminated by track lighting, permanently showcases more than five decades of athletic accomplishment.

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bu bearcats