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Compliance Corner August 2011

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Time Limits for Athletically Related Activities

The NCAA has established certain restrictions relative to how much time a student-athlete can be required to participate in athletically related activities during the academic year. Athletically related activities are defined as any activity that has an athletics purpose. These activities include but are not limited to:
+ Required practice,
+ Competition (competition and competition related activities on the day of competition count as three hours),
+ Required weight training and conditioning,
+ Required viewing of film and videos,
+ Required participation in camps/clinics/workshops,
+ Required meetings about your sport or athletics performance (academic or compliance meetings do not count),
+ Meetings called by team members (e.g. captain’s practice), and
+ Any other activity required by coaches (other than academic, compliance or training room related).

The maximum amount of time during the academic year student-athletes are permitted to spend on the above activities is 4 hours per day and student-athletes are required to be given one day off per week. During the declared playing/practice season the student-athlete is limited to 20 hours per week. Outside of the declared playing/practice season the maximum amount of time, during the academic year only, student-athletes are permitted to spend 8 hours per week on the activities listed below:
+ Required weight training and conditioning,
+ A maximum of two hours of required individual skill instruction training sessions with a member of the coaching staff.

From September 15 to April 15
+ More than four student-athletes from the team may be involved in skill-related instruction with their coaches.

Prior to September 15 and after April 15
+ No more than four student-athletes from the team may be involved in skill-related instruction with their coaches at any one time in any facility.
+ Required to have two days off per week.

Please remember that these limits have been established to protect the student-athlete. If a student-athlete feels that these limits are being exceeded please contact the Office of NCAA Compliance at 607-777-2798. It is the policy of Binghamton University to have each student-athlete sign a form verifying their countable athletic hours each week. If this form does not accurately reflect the hours a student-athlete participated for that week, he/she should not sign the form and bring the situation to the attention of the Office of NCAA Compliance.

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