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Compliance Corner March 2014

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NCAA rules prohibit:

All student-athletes, coaches, and staff from wagering on any intercollegiate and professional sport, at any level, that is sponsored by the NCAA.

That means:

NO wagers on ANY professional or college sports event, even those that don’t involve your college.
NO sports “pools,” even those run by your friends in the dorm or at work.
NO internet gambling on sports events.
NO sports wagering using “800” numbers.
NO exchange of any information about your team with ANYONE who gambles. This includes injuries, new plays, team morale, discipline problems, etc.
NO fantasy leagues that award a prize and require a fee to participate


• Once it becomes known that you have made a bet of any kind or have given information to someone who gambles you are immediately declared ineligible.
• It is then up to your school to decide on your punishment. This can include suspension from games or removal from the team altogether.
• If your school does want you back on the team they have to ask the NCAA to review your case. The NCAA will then decided whether or not to restore your eligibility.
• If your school removes you from the team you may lose your scholarship and/or be expelled from school
• You may also be arrested and charged with a crime, as sports wagering is illegal in every state except Nevada. Even in Nevada, the NCAA prohibits student-athletes from making any wager on a sports event.

Past Violations:

• Of 2,388 men’s basketball and football players surveyed, 119 admitted to at least one of these violations: taking money to play poorly in a game, knowing a teammate who took money to play poorly in a game, been threatened or harmed because of sports wagering, been contacted by an outside source to share inside information, providing inside information on a game.
• Don Lee, a former Northwestern University men’s basketball player was suspended from his sport and sentenced to one month in federal prison for wagering illegally and participating in a point shaving scheme.
• At Boston College in 1982, Rick Kuhn was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison for fixing six basketball games in one season.
• Former head football coach at the University of Washington, Rick Neuheisel, was not aware that a gambling in a friendly pool with neighbors violated NCAA rules. Neuheisel was fired for gambling on 2 NCAA basketball tournaments

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