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Fan Guide

Bearcat Fans

Fan Groups

This official Fan Guide provides the necessary information with the hope that all of our guests attending athletic events at Binghamton University have a fun and exciting experience. Binghamton University Bearcat fan groups provide a huge amount of support for all sports. These groups include:

The BU Zoo is a newly chartered Student Association (SA) group. For more information about the Zoo or ways to get involved, please contact the SA at (607) 777-7777 or email get involved at

Bearcat Booster Club
For more information about how you can get involved in supporting all BU Bearcat teams through the Booster Club, please contact Bette Anne Gaube at (607) 777-2093 or visit online at

Jr. Bearcat Club
This Club is specifically for Bearcat fans ages 12 and younger. For more information, please call (607) 777-SLAM.

Fan Behaivior

The America East Conference and Binghamton University encourage and promote good sporting conduct by student-athletes, coaches and spectators. We request your cooperation by supporting all participants and officials in a positive, fan-friendly manner. America East asks that you refrain from foul language and other derogatory behavior. Failure to adhere to this policy may result in ejection and/or result in your team being penalized. Enjoy the game! The America East Conference has adopted the following Code of Ethics for competition:

Binghamton University has the best fans! The various sporting venues on campus are home to many great Division I teams, who showcase elite athletes from across the country and around the world. As we celebrate those student-athletes and coaches, we encourage positive and enthusiastic cheering. We are a family-friendly environment so please be courteous and respectful when it comes to your choice of language and behavior in the presence of our young fans.

The America East Conference rules do not
permit artificial noise makers to be brought into athletic facilities. Also, fans may not go onto the playing field at any time before, during or after games.

Tailgaters should do so in a responsible manner, respectful of the campus and other Bearcat and visiting fans. For the safety and enjoyment of all fans, please keep the following guidelines in mind when tailgating at Binghamton University athletic events.

The usage of charcoal, propane and coleman grills are allowed at all athletic events in the designated areas on campus (see attached parking map). For the safety of fans, grills should be kept away from tents and must be at least 10 feet from all buildings.

Disposal of red hot charcoals is available in the red barrels provided in the designated tailgating lots. Camp fires and portable generators are prohibited.

Alcoholic Beverages Policy
Persons under 21 are prohibit from purchasing, possessing or consuming alcoholic beverages. Persons 21 and over are prohibited from
possessing open containers and consuming alcoholic beverages except in rooms, suites, apartments, licensed dining facilities, or at registered events (see information in Student Handbook).

Tents and Canopies
Portable tents and canopies are permitted at the discretion of BU game management staff as long as they do not exceed 200 square feet. Tents and canopies cannot impede on parking spots or traffic patterns. Also, tents and canopies cannot block spectator sightlines to competition field.

Rain Stations
There are no rain stations. If fans or visitors are interested in renting space, the University has limited indoor space available. Please call Dave Simek at (607) 777-6479 at least 14 days in advance to make reservations.

Help us keep our campus clean by bagging your trash and using recycling containers. Please be courteous to Binghamton University
and place all recyclable glass, plastic or aluminum containers in provided barrels located throughout campus.

Restrooms are available in athletic buildings during normal business hours. During track meets and softball games, there are outdoor restroom facilities in the East Gym. Also, for baseball games and tennis matches, restrooms are available in the Gazebo. Restrooms are also available at the north end of the Bearcats Sports Complex.

Parking Guidelines

Parking is free for individuals attending BU athletic events in the designated venue parking lots (See map below). Parking permits are required at all times for on-campus parking in other lots. Parking permits may be obtained at the Information Booth, located at the main entrance, for $5/per day. The Information Booth is open M-F, 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. For further information regarding parking, please call (607) 777-2279

Parking Map Key

Tailgating Map Key

Tailgating Map

Parking by Athletics Venues

Events Center and West Gym
Enter at main entrance and bear right, parking in Lot F. Tailgating with grills can take place in Lot H.

Bearcats Sports Complex (Soccer/Lacrosse)
Enter at main entrance and bear right, parking in Lot F. Tailgating with grills can take place in Lot G.

Tennis Courts and Baseball Field
Continue past the West Gym and the West Gym parking lot and turn right into the long parking lot (Lot H). The tennis courts are at the end of the lot, and the baseball field is located directly behind the tennis courts. To reach the baseball field, walk around the left corner of the tennis facility (by the Gazebo—or Bunn Hill entrance).

Track and Softball Field
Parking is in the East Gym lot (Lot E). As you come in the main entrance, track is on the left, and is adjacent to the parking lot. The softball field is down below the track, walk down the tree-lined path located on the far right side of the track throwing area (next to the East Gym tennis courts). Overflow parking is available in Lot E1, located behind the East Gym.

Important Information

Binghamton University Athletics
(607) 777-SLAM

Game Management
(607) 777-3323

Binghamton University Athletic Club
(607) 777-6389

University Police
(607) 777-2393 (non-emergency)

Harpur’s Ferry (Campus Ambulance)
(607) 777-3333

BU Operator
(607) 777-2000

Emergency Phones
Dial 911

More than 40 highly visible outdoor phones encased in yellow boxes and illuminated by blue lights, as well as red phones inside buildings, are for emergency use and/or summoning assistance. These phones are connected directly to a University Police dispatcher.

Information and policies provided from the Binghamton University Student Handbook.

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