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2013 Binghamton Men’s Soccer Daily Update

Last Updated on November 8

November 8, 2013

2013 Binghamton Men’s Soccer Daily Update

NOVEMBER 8, 2013

Playoff Time!

With the playoffs approaching on Saturday, we went a step further than normal and created a media day video.

Enjoy it, as well as the rest of the information for this weekend.


Posted on November 8, 2013 at 3 p.m.
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NOVEMBER 5, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Before the Bearcats’ match against Buffalo on Sept. 13, head coach Paul Marco made a challenge to his team. It concerned the Bearcats’ history on their home field. His remarks were part of the all-access video we produced the following week.

Binghamton struggled at the Bearcats Sports Complex last season, which was contrary to what Binghamton did in years past.

“We’ve had guys that went through their whole careers without losing a match at home,” he said to the team in their Sept. 13 pre-game meeting. “Last year, we hit a bump and did not do as well. I wanted to ask that team what it meant to play at home. What did it feel like?”

The Bearcats beat Buffalo 2-0 and are currently 2-1-2 at the Bearcats Sports Complex this year. With tomorrow night’s game against Albany serving as the final regular-season home game, we caught up with Coach Marco and the team before training today. Among the topics discussed were the improvements at home this year and the crowd support.

Head Coach Paul Marco

“This year at home, we have had a little more bounce in our step. The way that we’ve approached the home games this year has been better.”

“I give a lot of credit to Ben Sachs and the (BU) Zoo as well as the Hooligans for being terrific supporters of our team. I think our guys have gone out and engaged the student population on campus more than we have in the past. I just think its great and in seasons to come, we will be a little better as we continue to build this culture of coming out to support the team.”

Senior back Robbie Hughes

“I think we have played some good stuff at home this year. We put in a really good effort against UMBC. It’s all about tomorrow night now.”

“We have had great support at home this year with the BU Zoo and the Hooligans especially. Rain, snow or wind, they have always been here.”

Junior forward Steven Celeste

“Tomorrow is a big game for us, especially ending our regular season at home. We have done fairly well at home and got a couple of good results. We want to end the season heading into the playoffs on a good note.”

“It’s been unbelievable having all of those fans out there cheering for us. It really makes a difference and hopefully, tomorrow will be the same story.”

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NOVEMBER 4, 2013

Odds and Ends

A few miscellaneous things as we head to the final game of the regular season.

Check out the article in the Pipe Dream student newspaper about a recent gathering between the BU Zoo and the men’s soccer team.


The math gets much easier….a loss or tie by Stony Brook against UMBC on Wednesday guarantees the Bearcats of a playoff spot. Of, course, a win over Albany would help as well. Here is the link to the standings


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NOVEMBER 1, 2013

Fans’ Choice

Since 2007, the America East has conducted Fans’ Choice voting for six sports each year, including men’s soccer. In 2009, Jason Stenta was the leading vote getter. Ryan Walter (2010), Trey Jasenski (2011) and Jake Keegan (2012) were the Bearcat nominees in the years that followed.

This year, senior captain Robbie Hughes is the Binghamton nominee. Here is the link to the ballot


Hughes, for one, was honored by the nomination when he found out about it at training on Thursday.

“I always turn up with a decent haircut,” Hughes said. “My shirts are always tucked in and my socks are always pulled up. I feel the fans enjoy that so hopefully I can win it for them. Seriously, it’s always an honor to be recognized. Hopefully I can represent Binghamton well in the voting.”

His teammates are certainly in his corner.

“He is an outspoken player for one,” sophomore goalkeeper Stefano Frantellizzi said. “He definitely keeps our team in line. He never gives up and is always working hard. I don’t see why he shouldn’t get the award.”

“He is a great vocal leader,” senior forward Marts Reid-Warden said. “There have been times this season where we have come up against tough competition and he has always led us by example. He battles hard and competes hard.”

Head coach Paul Marco, meanwhile, summed up his case for Hughes by talking about how much he means to this year’s squad.

“He is the heart and soul of our team,” Marco said. “He’s an all-in guy. You hear him during matches. You see him compete and lead our team. I think it would be terrific if he could win it.”

This Day in Binghamton Men’s Soccer History: November 1, 2003.

A good omen?

Ten years ago, Binghamton won 2-0 at New Hampshire and nailed down the No. 2 seed in the America East Tournament. Since then, the Wildcats have won the ensuing four matches in Durham.

This has already been a season, however, in which the Bearcats have gained their first point at Hartford since 2005 and at Stony Brook since 2009.

Reader Response

Always interesting to get feedback on our posts. Earlier in the week, we said it was not worth trying to figure out the America East Tournament scenarios given how tight the standings were.

Shortly after that post, we received this e-mail:

“It’s simple ...if BU get the wins they are capable of and deserve against New Hampshire and Albany then they “have” to go through to the play offs in style and impact!”

We’ll leave it at that.

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OCTOBER 30, 2013

The Calm Before the Storm

With the men’s team having this week off to prepare for their match at New Hampshire on Saturday, there is not much new going on.

In the meantime, however:

1. Our article about the 2003 men’s soccer team is up on the website. Special thanks to James Clancy, Pat Skinner, Ian Wendel, Graham Munro, Stephen Bruce, Danilo, Ross Campbell and Stef Gonet for their time during the interviews.

For those of you who have yet to see it, here is the link to the article:


2. Good luck trying to do the math to figure out the America East playoff scenario. Normally, we try and figure things out ahead of time. But the log jam this year makes it impossible.

Still, if you want to TRY to figure things out, here are the standings:


3. Finally, good luck to the BU women’s soccer team as heads to Maine for a 1 p.m. game on Thursday. Here is the link to the live stats and live video:


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OCTOBER 28, 2013

UMBC Wrapup


If someone were to say that the Bearcats would hold the seventh-ranked team in the nation to a tie while missing several key players to injuries, few people might have believed it.

Despite suffering through a rash of injuries, Binghamton has now held three of its last five opponents scoreless. Had it not been for the last-second goal by Columbia on Wednesday, we could have been looking at a five-match unbeaten streak.

As for the players’ thoughts:

Senior forward Marts Reid-Warden

“On a personal note, it was a fantastic way to cap off Senior Night. We proved tonight that we could compete against a top team. We will continue to work hard in training and hopefully get an ever better result next week.”

Junior forward Steven Celeste

“It was a good match and we fought hard. It kind of reminded us when we went down against James Madison and to get a result tonight was really good.”

“Nothing was said, but I think the way we lost on Wednesday was in the back of our minds. We knew tonight that we couldn’t give up another late goal like that.”

Sophomore goalkeeper Stefano Frantellizzi

“We definitely wanted to make up for the way we lost on Wednesday night. The back four played great tonight. They went in for tackles and didn’t give the opposing strikers anything easy.”

Sophomore midfielder Luca Bottoni

“We were really focused tonight. Everyone was really into the game. The crowd support was great tonight. We have been lucky to have great crowds all year.”

A New Celeste?

Reid-Warden’s family was unable to come in for Senior Night on Saturday, so he requested Lois Celeste to walk him out for the pregame ceremony.

“I was honored to have her walking me out today,” Reid-Warden said. “She is someone who has done a lot of work for the team. She is a lovely person as well.”

The Celeste family has reached out to Reid-Warden in ways that have gone beyond soccer.”

“He will be with us for Thanksgiving,” Celeste said. “He might be becoming a new triplet.”

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OCTOBER 25, 2013

Looking Back and Looking Ahead

As promised, we’ll focus on the alumni who made it out to the gathering at Columbia on Wednesday night. Check out the video that we have posted online about the event.


Moving forward, tomorrow’s game against UMBC brings the seventh-ranked team in the nation to the Bearcats Sports Complex. Check out the historical significance of that match in preview.


Finally, tomorrow night is Scare Cat night at the Bearcats Sports Complex. All fans are encouraged to dress up in a costume for a halftime contest. For those of you on our social media sights, you have no doubt seen the countdown this week.

When Coach Marco was asked about the contest on this morning’s WNBF Interview with Roger Neel, he said his family was ready.

“My two daughters have their costumes,” he said. “But I don’t know how scary they are.”

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OCTOBER 24, 2013

Columbia Wrap Up

Between the dramatic ending to last night’s game and the New York City Alumni Social, there’s a lot to go over today.

How Could Have We Missed This?

In the midst of trying to leave New York City last night, we did not realize an important record that took place when we wrote the recap. Sophomore goalkeeper Stefano Frantellizzi finished the game with a career-best 12 saves.

Since Binghamton moved up to the NCAA Division I level in 2001, the most saves recorded by one of its goalkeepers was 11, by Jason Stenta against Gonzaga in 2011. With the final shot count at 24-4 last night, Frantellizzi could not have picked a better night to turn in a record-setting performance.

A Good Omen?

Ben Nicholson scored his third goal of the season last night. It marked the second time, however, that he netted a goal with family members present in the stands.

His mother had made it to the Homecoming Game, when Nicholson’s free kick was followed by his now famous back flip. Last night, both his mother and father were in the stands at Columbia. Turns out his father was in the country on business.

Following Nicholson’s goal last night, the suggestion was made to the Nicholsons that they not be allowed to return home to England as long as their son kept scoring goals.

New Chants from an Old Group

As promised, Erwin Seguia, Adam Zahn and a handful of Hooligan Alumni were in the stands last night. While they did not have a chant down for every player, like they did back in their heyday, the Hooligans did come up with some creative chants to the tune of “Winter Wonderland.”

First, they resurrected a chant that the 2004 team directed at head coach Paul Marco:

There’s only one Paul Marco
There’s only one Paul Marco
He has no hair
But we don’t care
Walking in a Marco Wonderland

Next, with a giant poster of Tony Kornheiser (a BU grad) in the stands, they came up with this one”

There’s only one Kornheiser
There’s only one Kornheiser
He’s on P-T-I
He’s a h*** of a guy
Walking in a TK wonderland

As For The Alums

We will get to them in tomorrow’s update. We are working on an all-access video in which several of them were interviewed.

Stay tuned.

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OCTOBER 22-23, 2013

Homecoming Away From Home?

Today’s update will cover two days because we will be en route to Columbia for tomorrow’s match.

While the Bearcats are riding a three-match unbeaten streak and have their sites set on the Lions, there is an extra component to tomorrow night’s game. The BU Soccer Hooligans and BU Soccer Alumni are both joining to together for a social before the game as well as being at the event to cheer on the Bearcats.

Head coach Paul Marco told us a few weeks ago that some of the alumni had to make a choice as to which event to attend – Homecoming, or the match on Wednesday.

Erwin Seguia and Adam Zahn have been the masterminds behind the event. Based on all their work, the team is eagerly awaiting Wednesday night.

“I think what those guys have been able to organize so far – if it pans out – I think it will be an unbelievable event,” Marco said.

“We hope we will be able to put on a pretty good show for those who were not able to be there for Homecoming,” senior forward Marts Reid-Warden said. “I didn’t know there were alumni Hooligans until I heard about the event.”

In addition to many recent alums, there are several alumni from the Division III and Division II days who will be on hand for the festivities. While he did not coach them, Marco values the time he spends with each of those players.

“I enjoy my time with them because they talk so highly about their time here and what it meant for them,” he said. “They are passionate about the game and they are passionate about Binghamton.”

For more details on the event, check out the Facebook page below


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OCTOBER 21, 2013

Hartford Wrap Up

For the second time in a week, Binghamton went to an opposing conference field where they had not had a good run of results and managed to gain a tie. Although they still have to play conference-leading UMBC and New Hampshire, the Bearcats now have two of their final three conference matches at home.

Some quick thoughts from the team after Saturday’s match:

Junior midfielder Ben Nicholson

“It was another tough game in which we had to battle hard throughout. We are getting closer to where we want to be and when we can find that little bit extra, then we will be able to turn these draws into wins.

Senior back Robbie Hughes

“It was a great fight against a team that is up there on the table. We had chances to win and I thought we battled throughout.”

Senior forward Marts-Reid Warden

“It was a disciplined performance, which keeps us in the thick of things.”

By the Numbers

Binghamton now has five shutouts this season, which represents its most since 2009, when it also finished with five shutouts. The Bearcats have blanked two of their last three conference opponents.

Checking the Standings

Binghamton remains in the thick of the America East standings with three conference matches left to play.

Spots 3-8 in the America East are now separated by just three points.


This Day in Binghamton Men’s Soccer History: October 21, 2006

A tie never felt as good as it did seven years ago. The Bearcats needed only a point to clinch their first-ever America regular-season title. Their 0-0 draw gave them that all-important point.

Two weeks later, Binghamton defeated those same Catamounts 1-0 for the conference championship at the West Gym Field.

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OCTOBER 18, 2013

Odds and Ends

Some miscellaneous stuff to go over as we head into Saturday night’s match at Hartford.

Saturday’s Significance

All of the sudden, the Bearcats are right in the thick of the America East standings, having gone 1-0-1 in their past two games. One look at the current conference standings shows what a win at Hartford – something the Bearcats last did in 2003 – would do for the team.


Not to Look Ahead, But…..

Although last weekend’s Homecoming Festivities are in the rear view mirror, Wednesday’s match at Columbia will feature an even bigger alumni gathering. Close to 60 former members of the BU Soccer Hooligans and quite a few Bearcat alumni will be in the stands for Binghamton’s match against the Lions.

Head coach Paul Marco told us last week that some of the players who were not able to come in from New York City for the UMass Lowell match will definitely be at Columbia.

This Day in Binghamton Bearcats History (October, 18, 2008)

Speaking of Homecoming, it was five years ago today that Binghamton defeated Vermont 1-0 before a sold out crowd at the Bearcats Sports Complex and a regionally-televised audience watching on Time Warner Sports.

Cameron Keith’s goal midway through the second half vaulted Binghamton into first place in the America East conference and avenged its 2007 title game loss to the Catamounts 11 months earlier on the same field.

“It was a moment I’ll never forget,” Keith said last week. “The crowd was amazing, absolutely electric and the celebration after that win will always go down in BU history.”

No arguments here….

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OCTOBER 17, 2013

Stony Brook Wrap Up

Binghamton’s offensive renaissance continued last night with a pair of goals. In the past two games, the Bearcats have gained four points and have averaged 2.5 goals during that span.

Some quick thoughts to get things started:

Head Coach Paul Marco

“I thought we got off to a slow start but were able to battle back and looked pretty good for the rest of the match. We were a little shorthanded so to get a tie on the road is something we are pleased with.”

Junior Midfielder Ben Nicholson

“We defended well and had periods where we looked dangerous going forward. We are disappointed not to have come away with a win but are satisfied to have a point at least.”

Senior back Robbie Hughes

“We battled well and outplayed them during a lot of stretches in the game. We are disappointed not to get the victory but a point at Stony Brook is a decent result.”

Other Notes:

In the past four games, Ben Nicholson has two goals and two assists. He has recorded a point in all three games that he has started. Nicholson was unable to start in the match at Vermont Oct. 5 because he was taking the LSAT.

Until last night, LaVelle Stadium had been a tough place to play for the Bearcats. Since 2009, they had gone 0-3-0 there. In addition, Stony Brook had beaten Binghamton in five straight matches, dating back to 2009.

Robbie Hughes has scored both of his goals off of corner kicks this season. His first one came against Buffalo on Sept. 13.

Steven Celeste’s goal was his second in as many games he has played at LaVelle Stadium. His other goal came in the conference quarterfinal match last November. Celeste’s three goals this season already equal his total from all of last season.

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OCTOBER 16, 2013

Sneak Preview

We are working on an article to commemorate the 10-year anniversary of the 2003 team that won the America East title and advanced to the second round of the NCAA Tournament. That squad, which finished the season ranked No. 26 in the nation, launched a six-year era of national rankings and title game appearances.

Several of those teammates granted us interviews over the past several months. In the end, we had to cut down on the materials that we got. Still, here are some of the more revealing quotes we saw:

Ian Wendel, talking about head coach Paul Marco’s first meeting with the team in February 2002:

He walked into the classroom at the West Gym and I believe wrote “298” on the chalk board as there were only 1 or 2 D1 teams with a worse RPI in the country from the prior Fall. The homework that he did on the team and individuals on the team was impressive. He joked around with us a bit as we got to know him however at that meeting we knew that he was not going accept losing.

Danilo, talking about how he came to Binghamton:

I was seen playing soccer in Brazil by St. John’s coaches and they started offering me a scholarship, but not enough for my needs. Instead of bringing me, they choose two Italian players, who ended up never really playing for them. John Scott heard about me and contacted me and even if by the time the soccer program was still new in the D1, I liked what they had on mind and it was an easy decision for me to join Binghamton.

Pat Skinner, on the closeness of the team:

I know it is cliché to say this, but we were really a team. Nobody put themselves above the team and everyone fought for each other on the field on off the field. Mara (Stephen Bruce) was one of the best captains I ever had and he was instrumental in our success. Even today, we keep in touch and it is great to come back on Alumni weekends and see how everyone’s careers are developing.

Graham Munro, in talking about the title game win over Northeastern:

I think when you play any game in front of a big crowd then there is always the potential of pitch invasions and excessive celebrations.  The Northeastern game was obviously settled in penalty kicks which is a drama in itself so there was always the potential of the crowd spilling onto the field.  One fan after another charges the field and before you knew it you were in the middle of a big crowd.  It was obviously great to play in front of a big crowd and for that reason the game will be a highlight for those that were involved in it.

James Clancy, on the legacy of the 2003 team:

That season means more to me than I can probably explain. Seeing the support that we received from friends and family – some of them traveling to St. Louis to watch us play – meant a lot and is something I will never forget. Outside of the conference trophy and NCAA tournament success, it taught me a lesson that hard work does pay off that I have taken with me for my life outside of soccer.

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OCTOBER 15, 2013

Homecoming Wrap Up, Part 2

While the players were preparing for their match against UMass-Lowell on Saturday, we caught up with a bunch of alums during the alumni game and Homecoming Tailgate. There were too many names to mention here, but the two interviews that stood out the most were Justin Leskow (Class of 2008) and Danilo (Class of 2005).

Leskow was a senior during our first year of the Daily Update. He was the go-to person for quotes, both humorous and serious. For anyone who ever attended a women’s soccer game during that era, they no doubt heard Leskow and J.P. Ahoua heckling the other team (good naturedly, of course).

“It’s great to be back,” Leskow said at the tailgate. “Good friends and great memories. I played some golf this morning so I missed the alumni game but I played tremendous. I shot 85 at Traditions (on the Glen). No triple bogeys.”

Asked if he would cheer in a respectful manner later on in the night, Leskow assured us he would.

“I will be on my best behavior tonight,” he said. “I haven’t been in the stadium in a couple of years.”

While it has been nearly five years since he graduated, the bond Leskow and his teammates have with each other remains strong.

“It’s just a special group,” he said. “A lot of us still live close so we meet regularly for dinner and keep in touch. We all truly care about each other which doesn’t happen everywhere.”

Earlier in the day, we caught up with Danilo, who was making his first trip to Binghamton with his 4-year old son Mateo. He came to the Bearcats Sports Complex early so Mateo could watch him play in the alumni game.

“Every time I come here I am so jealous that I never got to play (at the Bearcats Sports Complex,” he said. “But I know that I am part of the beginning of the program (during the Division I era) and everything that we did in the beginning helped us to get where we are today.”

When Danilo arrived on campus as a freshman in 2002, the school was only in its second year as a Division I program. The Bearcats still played at the West Gym Field and were struggling to make it at the highest NCAA level. Four years later, he graduated as a two-time, first-team all-conference and all-region midfielder. He helped lead Binghamton to three conference title games as well as the second round of the 2003 NCAA Tournament. The Bearcats were also nationally ranked in 2003-05.

Danilo was passionate about Binghamton, first and foremost. When one of his PDL games was going to be on television in 2005, he kept telling everyone how much it meant to have Binghamton’s name gain national exposure. It was never about him.

Since he lives in Florida, Danilo is not able to personally interact with the current team as much as he’d like to. Still, he wants the team to know where the program came from.

“Because I live in Miami, I don’t get the chance to come here as much as I want to,” he said. “I wish I could get to know the guys better—not to teach them because Coach Marco is good enough to teach—but to tell them that there is a history behind our program and they need to do their best to keep up that history. Every time I see those kids, I realize that they have a connection with us and we do with them. They represent our school.”

As for Mateo, we asked Danilo if his son knew how good of a player he was in college.

“He doesn’t understand,” he said. “He thinks I came here during kindergarten.”

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OCTOBER 14, 2013

Homecoming Wrap-Up, Part One

As you guessed by the title, there’s a lot to cover from this weekend, which is why we will divide it into two days (much to the chagrin of Coach Marco, who has no doubt turned the page and is focusing on Wednesday’s match at Stony Brook).


A Walk To Remember

On Friday, we talked to the seniors about what the walk across the field would mean after a Homecoming win. Each of them had yet to experience such…until Saturday.

“It feels great,” senior forward Marts Reid-Warden said. “It’s been two years and counting. It was a good testament of our attacking players that we had three different people get on the score sheet today.”

“It was a fantastic and unbelievable feeling,” senior back Robbie Hughes said. “We had three goals at home, a clean sheet and a great crowd. We couldn’t ask for anything more.”

“That’s how it should be on Homecoming Night,” junior midfielder Ben Nicholson added. “We wanted to give the fans something to cheer about and we were able to do that tonight.”

A Chance to Dance

Reid-Warden, Nicholson and Logan Roberts, all of whom scored goals, each had their own celebration afterwards. Nicholson was able to perfect the back flip he did after his game-tying goal against Cornell.

As for Reid-Warden, he has a different celebration.

“The dance was from a Premier League player name Daniel Sturridge,” he said. “I practiced it about a half an hour before the game. I still have a lot to learn but hopefully I can get a few more goals and a few more practice sessions in to perfect it.”

“Marts had the best celebration with the old Daniel Sturridge act,” Hughes said. “He just needs to work out some of the kinks.”

Nicholson, however, disagreed.

“I am going to have to go with myself as the best….clearly,” he said.

Nicholson’s parents, who are in town for the weekend, got a chuckle out of his answer.

Where Does It Rank?

Having done our Homecoming game countdown last week, Saturday’s win over UMass Lowell comes in at either third or fourth. The 2007 overtime win over Boston is still tops while the sold out, regionally-televised win over Vermont in 2008 comes in second.

Right now, the 2010 win over Vermont is third but that could change. The Bearcats were unable to capitalize on that win over the Catamounts three years ago during the remainder of the season. Saturday’s win, therefore, deserves to be reassessed at the end of the year.

Tomorrow, we will hear from another group who was at the game on Saturday. The Bearcat alumni.

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OCTOBER 11, 2013

Homecoming Speeches

Other than the postseason, there is not a more special time of the year for the Binghamton men’s soccer team than Homecoming Weekend. Between the alumni game and the Saturday night game, the second Saturday in the middle of October creates enough memories to last the rest of the year.

There is a lesser known part of the weekend that has come to stand out for the Bearcats – the Homecoming Speeches. Every year, a few members of the team are selected to give a speech to fire up the rest of the squad. Like past years, the speeches given before today’s training session had their moments.

“Alex (Varkatzas) and Charlie (Novoth) did a skit and Tommy Moon had an inspirational video,” senior back Robbie Hughes said. “John (Wrona) blessed us with a video which summed him up basically.”

“I liked the fact that people were prepared to do things that you wouldn’t hear in the usual speeches,” senior forward Marts Reid-Warden said. “We saw some films and we saw some attempts to make the group laugh, which is important at this point in the season.”

Senior midfielder Tommy Moon is one of two players who were with the team back in 2010. He offered his own take on the best speeches of the past.

“The best one I heard when Pascale (Trappe) was speaking in German and Trey was translating for him in English,” he said.

One of the key parts of the weekend, however, has been the trip across the field after a match to thank the crowd for their support. For Hughes and Reid-Warden, their previous two trips across the field on Homecoming night have come after tough defeats. Each of them would love nothing more than to charge across the field Saturday after a win.

“A win tomorrow would be huge,” Hughes said. “We are a close-kit community when it comes to Binghamton soccer. We know all of our alumni will be pulling for us in the stands so we hope we can get a good result for them.”

“It would mean everything to win,” Reid-Warden said. “It will be a large crowd and to go over to them with a win would be massive so hopefully we can do that tomorrow night.”

Moon, meanwhile, vividly remembers that trip across the field following the 1-0 Homecoming win over Vermont in 2010.

“It’s something special,” he said. “My freshman year, Ryan Walter scored the only goal and the team even charged over to the crowd after the goal. It really fired up the crowd. It would be huge if that could have (again) tomorrow.”

Posted October 11, 2013 at 3 p.m.
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OCTOBER 10, 2013

Alumni Perspective on Homecoming

Want to know what the Homecoming game is like at the Bearcats Sports Complex?

We’ve talked to a few people who have been fortunate to have done such:

Adam Chavez (Played in 2007)

“Playing on that field for homecoming was one of the best experiences of my career at BU.  The sheer volume of people at the game was something to remember.  The noise and the excitement that the game brought not only the school but the entire community was a memory I will never forget.  I will always be grateful for our fans and the local support of the community in making the Men’s Soccer team a staple of Binghamton University.”

Ryan Tomko (Played in 2007 & 2008)

“I have always loved the homecoming games and to share in the rich heritage of Binghamton soccer with all the alumni and teammates.”

Yusuf Yusuf (Played from 2007-10)

“The sense of anticipation that takes over the team in the week leading up to the match is fantastic.  The spirit of cheering on the alumni during their game and then having them reciprocate the enthusiasm while we play, maintains the sense of camaraderie that is our soccer program.  It is a special weekend and I am glad to have participated as both a player and alumnus.”

Further Notes

Yusuf reports that he is living with former BU teammate Matt Ryan and BU tennis alumnus Sven Vloedgraven, who was a two-time ITA Northeast Region Player of the Year. Tomko, meanwhile, is an assistant coach at St. John’s Fisher.

Tomorrow, we will hear from the current team as to what Homecoming night means for them.

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OCTOBER 9, 2013

Top 5 List: Homecoming Games

With three days to go until the match against UMass-Lowell, its time to once again count down the top five Homecoming games at the Bearcats Sports Complex. Since 2007, an average of over 2,300 fans have watched the men’s soccer team on Homecoming Weekend. Four of those games have been regionally televised and three of those contest have gone into overtime.

Here then, is our list of the top five Homecoming games:

5. 2011: Adelphi 2, Binghamton 1

This game will be remembered for its final 10 minutes of regulation. Jerome Robinson set the Bearcats Sports Complex into a frenzy when he tied the game at 1-1 in the 82nd minute. In the final 40 seconds, however, the visiting Panthers netted the winning goal.

4. 2009: Binghamton 1, Rhode Island 1

This contest will be remembered for setting the facility record with 2,604 fans filling the Complex. Jake Keegan netted the game tying goal in the second half. Rhode Island’s goal, however, was followed by Kevin Shaw running over to the BU Soccer Hooligans and taking a bow.

3. 2010: Binghamton 1, Vermont 0

Ryan Walter’s first-half goal came before most of the crowd had found their seats. The Catamounts came into the game with a 6-3-3 record and had upset No. 13 Stanford earlier in the season.

2. 2008: Binghamton 1, Vermont 0

The first facility sellout and the first regionally televised game are enough to put this game high on the list. Cameron’s Keith’s second-half goal, however, was the clincher. Binghamton stayed in first place in the America East and avenged its 2007 title game loss against the Catamounts on the same field 11 months earlier.

1. 2007: Binghamton 2, Boston Univ. 1 (OT)

Okay, you know us pretty well by now.

Barring a championship win, this is bound to remain the greatest game in the history of the Bearcats Sports Complex. Start off with a downpour that moved the pregame facility dedication indoors. Add to that an early Boston goal and you have a disappointing evening for over 1,700 fans. But then Keith scored before the half and scored again with the first overtime winding down. The end result launched pandemonium as the team raced over to the stands to celebrate with the fans. Binghamton at the time was 7-2-0 and receiving votes in the NSCAA Poll.

Moving forward….let’s see how this weekend goes.

Stay tuned.

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OCTOBER 8, 2013

30 Under 30 Update

Before the start of the season, Binghamton assistant coach Nic Rossi was chosen to be in the NSCAA’s 30 Under 30 Program. Geared towards rising assistant coaches in the profession, the program is aimed at mentoring 15 men and 15 women under age 30 in their early stages of their careers.

Rossi was recently profiled on the NSCAA site. Click on the link for complete details.


As the article mentions, Rossi’s wife Amy is currently an assistant coach with the BU women’s soccer program. Click the link below to read her bio.


Poe’s Take

The other men’s assistant coach, Dan Poe, continues to write post-game match reports. Check out the link below for his recap of the Vermont match.


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Follow Up

As we blogged about on Friday, junior midfielder Ben Nicholson went to Vermont with the intention of taking the LSAT exam as a standby and playing in the Bearcats’ game against the Catamounts. We are happy to say that he accomplished both feats.

Check out the feature article we posted today.


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Balancing Act

Junior midfielder Ben Nicholson has grown accustom to balancing his athletic and academic endeavors. He is a two-year starter on the men’s soccer team and is carrying a perfect 4.0 GPA. Although he has one year of eligibility remaining, he is on track to graduate from Binghamton in only three years.

This weekend at Vermont, however, Nicholson will take his balancing act to an even higher level. He is scheduled to take the LSAT exam in the morning and hopes to make it to the game later in the day. Nicholson was originally scheduled to take the exam at Binghamton but he will be a standby in Burlington so he can make the game.

“I am looking at going to law school after Binghamton and this weekend is the only chance I have to take the exam so Saturday will be a big day,” he said.

If any student-athlete is prepared for the daunting Saturday schedule, it’s Nicholson. He discovered the art of excelling both on and off the playing field early in his career.

“It’s about keeping ahead of the work,” he said. “If I know we are going to be away for the games, I try and get the stuff done beforehand. I also try to keep a good dialogue going with all of my professors.”

“Ben is off the charts academically,” head coach Paul Marco said. “He has an opportunity to be the highest achieving student that I have had since I have been here. With only two semesters left before he graduates, I don’t see any reason why he shouldn’t fulfill that accomplishment and take the LSAT this week.”

Originally from London, Nicholson came to Binghamton in 2011. The athletic program and academics were key reasons he made the trip overseas. Three years later, he has no regrets about his decision.

“I have definitely enjoyed the best of both worlds since I came here,” Nicholson said. “I have grown massively since then. Every coach that I have played for and every professor that I have had classes with have all shown me new things. It’s all been great for me.”

Although Nicholson could miss some of the match against Vermont, his teammates support him taking the LSAT. They have all come to admire the player and person he is.

“Ben is a great teammate, friend and role model,” senior midfielder Tommy Moon said. “He strives to be the best whether it is on the field or in the classroom. His work ethic in the classroom is unreal.”

“Ever since I have known Ben, he has been a total team guy,” junior back Jamie Forbes said. “His 4.0 GPA speaks for itself. He is just a guy who knows how to get it done.”

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OCTOBER 3, 2013

The Sound of Music

On Wednesday afternoon, the BU men’s soccer team was winding down its recovery session at the Bearcats Sports Complex. Typically, the day after a match is when the squad’s goal is to get their legs back under them.

From the sound system of the Complex, however, came Ray Parker Junior’s 1984 hit “Ghostbusters.”


As head coach Paul Marco and the players explain it, the music has been played this year as various times during training.

“We’ve used music all the time,” head coach Paul Marco said. “Sometimes it’s during the recovery days and some times it has been during tough days.”

“This has kind of been a new thing this year,” junior back Jamie Forbes said. “We didn’t train with music too much in the past.”

For most of Wednesday’s workout, the music consisted of instrumental workout pieces. That made “Ghostbusters” all the more obvious.

“I try and only play one or two retro hits and then the rest is mostly techno music,” Marco said. “I try and play songs with a good beat…at around 140 beats per minute.”

“It’s fun to have it going on,” junior back Matt McCoy said. “The guys are recovering from a match and it’s relaxing.”

The players were fine with the techno music, but the 1984 hit was a different story.

“It’s interesting to say the least,” junior midfielder Ben Nicholson said. “The P.M. (Paul Marco) Express is reliving its glory days. We are not responsible for Ghostbusters. I’ll tell you that much.”

“I think we have to switch it up,” Forbes said. “Deejay Paul Marco isn’t really coming through for us.”

Marco, however, remains committed to his music choices. Asked if he felt it was to educate his players, he had a different take.

“I don’t think it’s for the team,” Marco said. “I think most of it is for the staff. I try and educate the staff about the genres of music.”

Coaches’ Corner

Here is assistant coach Dan Poe’s write up following the Syracuse match.


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OCTOBER 2, 2013

Syracuse Wrap Up

Final thoughts from last night’s match:

Kudos From the Press

Time Warner Sports sideline reporter Shannon Sommerville is no stranger to the BU men’s soccer program. She has been the WIVT Sports Director for two years. With that in mind, it was nice to read this Tweet last night from her:

@BU_Bearcats Always a pleasure covering Coach Marco and the Mens Soccer team smile

Being employed by Binghamton, it is my job to promote the program. But Sommerville’s sentiments have been echoed time and time again during my 12 years with the program.

It brings us back to the handshake between captain Robbie Hughes and the official following Friday’s game against St. Bonaventure. Binghamton well-respected men’s soccer program, which makes my job all the more easier.

Before the end of the night, Sommerville got a Tweet from one of the BU Soccer Hooligans, asking her to cover the Oct. 23 event at Columbia. Not sure she will be able to make it with her schedule. smile


Yesterday, in our recap of the top five televised men’s soccer games, we mentioned how Ryan Walter’s first career goal came in the 2009 match against Boston on Fox Soccer Channel. That goal came after nearly two years of near misses.

Last night, it was Ben Nicholson’s turn to cash in after a ton of near misses. His goal was just as important as Walter’s goal, as it forced overtime against Syracuse.

Having missed the game because I was on another business trip, I only heard this morning about his back flip. I will have to ask about that later.

By the Numbers

- Last night marked the Bearcats’ fourth overtime game in the past seven outings.
- The combined record of Binghamton’s last four opponents is 21-11-4.

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OCTOBER 1, 2013

Top 5 List

As we await the men’s soccer team’s game tonight against Syracuse on ESPN3 and Time Warner Sports, its time to count down the top five televised games which have featured the Bearcats.

Results aside, there are several significant games that make the list:

5. Adelphi 2, Binghamton 1 (September 24, 2011)

Just a week after the Flood of 2011, Binghamton hosted Adelphi in a game that will be remembered for its final 10 minutes of regulation. Jerome Robinson tied the game at 1-1 in the 82nd minute, setting off a wild celebration at the Bearcats Sports Complex on Homecoming Weekend. With just 33 seconds left in regulation, however, the Panthers netted the game winner.

Televised by Time Warner Sports


4. Colgate 3, Binghamton 2 (August 24, 2012)

In the 2012 season opener at Colgate, it was Binghamton that once again tied the score on a late goal. Jake Keegan’s equalizer in the 87th minute deadlocked the game at 2-2 and forced overtime. It took the Raiders just 56 seconds, however, to win the game in the first sudden-death period.

Televised by Time Warner Sports


3. Binghamton 1, Rhode Island 1 (Oct. 3, 2009)

The largest crowd in Bearcats Sports Complex history (2,604) saw Keegan tie the game at 1-1 in the 59th minute. With Maine having discontinued soccer following the 2008 season, the Rhode Island proved to be a worthy fill in. Kevin Shaw scored the game’s opening goal and then made a memorable bow in front of the BU Soccer Hooligans.

Televised by Time Warner Sports


2. Binghamton 2, Boston Univ. 1 (Oct. 16, 2009)

This one ranks high on the list not just for being a win, but appearing on Fox Soccer Channel. After a year and a half of near misses, Ryan Walter finally scored his first career goal. He broke a 1-1 tie in the 63rd minute.

Televised by Fox Soccer Channel


1. Binghamton 1, Vermont 0 (October 18, 2008)

Five years later, there is still little doubt about the top televised game. Before the first-ever sellout at the Bearcats Sports Complex, Cameron Keith scored in the 62nd minute as the Bearcats avenged their 2007 title game loss to the Catamounts. The win also moved the Bearcats into a first-place tie in the America East. To this day, most of the alums from that team rate this as their favorite game.

Televised by Time Warner Sports


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SEPTEMBER 30, 2013

Odd and Ends

A lot of miscellaneous stuff to go over as we head into the final non-conference game of the season:

Final Thoughts from the St. Bonaventure Match

A tough loss for the Bearcats but it was a meeting between captain Robbie Hughes and the officials after the match that stood out for me.

After the final horn went off and the two teams had shook hands, Hughes and the head officials spotted each other and shook hands.

“You did a great job out there,” one of the referees said to Hughes.

Hughes has fit into the captain’s shoes admirably this season. The respect he continues to gain from the opponents and officials was never more evident than after Friday’s defeat.

On a brighter note, the support from the student body continues to be impressive. In the Bearcats’ two Friday contests this season, there have been over 1,200 fans. The crowd of 1,416 was the largest non-Homecoming crowd to witness a game at the Bearcats Sports Complex since 2009.

Lights. Camera. Action!

By now most of you know that Tuesday’s game at Syracuse will be the Bearcats’ first-ever appearance on ESPN3. Time Warner Sports will be producing the game but ESPN3 contacted us last week to let us know that they are on board.

Here is the link to all of the television and internet information.


Follow Up

Head coach Paul Marco’s stuffed doll Theodore got quite a bit of attention on Friday following our blog. We posted a photo of the doll on Instagram and had 16 likes within the hour.

In addition, Shannon Somerville, the Time Warner Sports reporter who talked to Coach Marco on Friday, asked me to send a photo afterwards.

This Day in Binghamton Bearcats History: September 30, 2008

It wasn’t a win but the Bearcats went toe-to-toe against a Maryland team that would go on to win the NCAA title five years ago. Besides the final 1-0 score, the match will be remembered for a lightening delay that lasted more than an hour during the first half.


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SEPTEMBER 27, 2013


After the Binghamton men’s soccer team finished their kick around today, head coach Paul Marco met with Shannon Somerville, the WIVT Sports Director. She will doing the sideline reporting when Time Warner Sports covers the Bearcats’ game at Syracuse on Tuesday at 7 p.m.

Although the rest of the team was focused on St. Bonaventure, Marco and Somerville went over the state of the team as well as looking ahead to next week’s match.

The interview ended, however, on a very interesting note.

“Do you have any pregame rituals or superstitions before a game,” Somerville asked.

Marco responded by saying that he had a good luck stuffed animal given to him by his daughters at the start of the season. He then pulled out a four-inch replica of Theodore, from the Alvin and the Chipmunks.

“Theodore will be on the team bench tonight when we face St. Bonanventure tongiht,” he said. “He didn’t make the trip to Cornell last week, so that might have been why we lost. But he was here for the win against Buffalo.”

The look on Somerville’s face was priceless.

All joking aside, Marco said that the good luck doll had a deeper significance.

“I am on the road all year,” he said. “Not just coaching games but going recruiting and to conferences. Our family stays connected many ways. Every year I get a good luck doll to take with me. This year, it’s Theodore.”

Marco also credits Skyping with another way for he and the family to stay in touch when he is on the road.

Speaking of Time Warner Sports…

The word reached our office yesterday that Time Warner Sports would be carrying the game on Tuesday. Somerville was actually the one that told me.

No word on the exact channels yet. Check back on Monday.

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SEPTEMBER 26, 2013

Quite an Improvement

Last season, Stefano Frantellizzi was a wide-eyed freshman who was called upon to be the starting goalkeeper seven games into the season. Although he went on to record three shutouts, his goals against average was 1.91.

This season, he already has three shutouts in eight games and has reduced his goals against average to 1.09. As a team, meanwhile, the Bearcats have gone from allowing 1.72 goals per game to 1.12 goals per contest.

“This year I feel I have more confidence and the guys I feel trust me,” he said. “I put in a lot of work during the summer to prepare for this. Last year, I was a little nervous at times but this year, I feel more relaxed.”

“Stefano has improved in many areas,” head coach Paul Marco said. “He always had pretty good reflexes but now, his shot stopping has gotten a lot better. His distribution has improved and his strength has improved.”

Two teammates who have noticed Frantellizzi’s improvement have been starting center backs Robbie Hughes and Jamie Forbes.

“His decision making has become a lot better,” Hughes said. “He seems to be a lot calmer. When the other team scores, he has been able to let go of it a lot quicker.”

“Stef has grown a lot since last year,” Forbes said. “His overall game has improved. He is working hard in training and trying to be a leader. When Robbie and I haven’t gotten it done, he has saved us.”

As for what Frantellizzi’s best game has been this year, his teammates have little doubt as to their answer.

“Definitely against Buffalo,” Forbes said. “He had some outstanding saves.”

“He was an absolute cat against Buffalo,” Hughes said.

Frantellizzi’s however, disagrees.

“I felt I was in the zone against George Mason,” he said. “Especially playing so long down a man.”

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SEPTEMBER 26, 2013

Final Thoughts from the St. Peter’s Match

Tough result for the Bearcats but a few thoughts and facts worth noting before switching gears to St. Bonaventure.

Marts Reid-Warden has a goal and an assist in the past two games. Still, it was his assist against St. Peter’s that showed what a team player he is. Reid-Warden had just received a picture-perfect pass from Ben Nicholson and was one-on-one with the keeper.

Rather than shoot the ball, he slid it to Steven Celeste who had a wide open net.

“I called for the ball because I knew I had an open net,” Celeste said later. “Marts had a good angle but the way he got me the pass was great.”

Reid-Warden joked with me before the match that he was guaranteeing a goal. Still, when the match called for it, he did what was in the before interests of the team.

Two for Two

Celeste, meanwhile, scored his second goal in as many home games. After netted all three of his of his goals on the road in 2012, he has been the featured scorer at the Bearcats Sports Complex this season.

Brother Act

Celeste’s twin brother Bret has battled through injuries his first two seasons. Last night, however, marked his first appearance in a match played at the Bearcats Sports Complex.

In one moment during the season half, Steven subbed into the game for Bret. I asked their mother Lois what that moment meant to her sitting in the stands.

“I actually like it better when they are in the game at the same time,” she said with a smile.

A New Cheer?

The drop in temperature was evident during the match, which prompted the BU Soccer Hooligans to come up with a new cheer.

“Gimme a B! ……B”
“Gimme a B!.......B”

After about ten Bs in a row, the final letter chant went like this

“Gimme an R!.......R!”

“What’s that spell?......Bbbbbbbbbr!”

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SEPTEMBER 24, 2013

Hooligan Chants

As the Bearcats get ready for game night against St. Peter’s, we’ve gotten a hold of a few of the BU Soccer Hooligan chants which are sure to be heard tonight in the Bearcats Sports Complex.

We Are the Bearcat Boys
(theme song for the BU Soccer Hooligans)

Hello, Hello!
We are the Bearcat Boys!
Hello, Hello!
You’ll know us by our noise!
We’re up to our knees in (opposing school)‘s blood,
Surrender or you’ll die,
For we are the Binghamton Bearcat Boys!

Whose That Team We Call the Bearcats

All of (opposing team) went to Rome, just to see the Pope,
And all of (opposing team) went to Rome, just to see the Pope,
And all of (opposing team) went to Rome, just to see the Pope,
And this is what He said:

Whose that team we call the Bearcats?
Whose that team we all adore?
They’re the boys in green and white,
And they’re flippin’ dynamite,
And (opposing school)‘s never gonna score!

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SEPTEMBER 23, 2013

Catching Up

A busy Friday for this blogger and a busy weekend for the Bearcats both make today’s entry filled with a lot of things to go over.

Coaches’ Corner

First off, we’d like to introduce a new segment. Assistant Coach Dan Poe is in charge of the match write ups after the games. This has long been a staple of the Bearcat program but the request was made to make it available online. We are glad to assist in that effort. With that in mind, here is the recap for the Lafayette match.


Alumni and Hooligan Update

We have received several updates from the BU athletic department as well as former members of the BU Soccer Hooligans. Both groups are scheduling events in conjunction with the Oct. 23 match at Columbia.

We have already received a Facebook page from the BU Soccer Hooligans. Here is the link:

Facebook Page

Pack the House

This Friday’s game against St. Bonaventure is the first-ever men’s soccer “Pack the House” night. SUBWAY is giving away 1,000 free coupons to the Bearcats’ game against the Bonnies. For complete details, click the link below.



As of today, we have had 313 views for the men’s soccer all-access video from its game day against Buffalo. Here is the link again for those of you who have yet to set it.

All-Access Link

This Day in Binghamton Men’s Soccer History: September 23, 2006.

The Bearcats win 2-1 at Maine in their America East opener. Bryan Arnault and Adam Chavez netted the goals.


From the Colonial Era

Three years ago, the men’s soccer program celebrated its 50th anniversary during Homecoming Weekend. Fifty years ago from 2013, however, was Tim Schum’s first season as the head coach at Binghamton. He led the 1963 squad to a perfect 4-0 record.

September 23, 2013. Posted at 1:40 p.m.
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SEPTEMBER 19, 2013

All-Access: Game Day Against Buffalo

As you may or may not have seen already, we followed around the men’s soccer team last Friday as it prepared for its home opener against Buffalo. Head Coach Paul Marco and the team have long been accommodating to our requests and last week was no exception.

We started off at the WNBF Radio station at 8 a.m., where head coach Paul Marco did his game day interview in studio. We then went to the team’s noon “kick around” and to the pre-game meal at New York Pizza. We ended up with game highlights and post-game interviews.

There were parts of the day that we didn’t have the chance to include due to time constraints. The biggest “deleted scene” was when assistant coach Nic Rossi showed up at the team’s meeting wearing the new uniforms.

The one theme that was constantly stressed throughout the day was playing well at home. Back in 2007 and 2008, the Bearcats lost one total game at home and played to crowds of over 1,000 on a nightly basis. With last week’s 2-0 win over Bulls before 1,200 fans, the Bearcats came away hoping that their old tradition was coming back to form.

Special thanks to Coach Marco and the team for allowing us to get close to the team. Also, thanks to trainer Will Dunn, who allowed us to shoot footage of the guys getting taped up before the game.

Here is the link to the video:

All-Access Video

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SEPTEMBER 18, 2013

A Standup Guy

By now most of you know the official results of Tommy Moon’s injury. He has a broken bone in the lower-left leg and is done for the season.

Obviously, it has been a very difficult couple of days for the senior midfielder. Still, it is worth going over the response that I got from him last night, in which he gave us permission to release the details of his injury.

When Moon spoke to the local press during the team’s preseason media day, he said he wanted his senior year to be “the cherry on top of the sundae.”

With that in mind, here was the response he e-mailed me late yesterday afternoon:

“I spilled my sundae on the floor and I’m currently sitting with my leg up waiting for a new sundae.”

It was hard not to laugh at his sense of humor over a very tough situation. But his next line showed that his positive attitude is still present.

“Sights are still on this year and encouraging the guys and I’m finding new ways to contribute to this year’s team!”

“This is very difficult time for Tommy,” head coach Paul Marco said. “He has the heart of a lion and his passion and love of the game is off the chart. For now he can rest and eat some of the sundae’s he is talking about! I wish him a successful and speedy recovery.”

In his four seasons with the Bearcats, Moon has been one of the most sought after and accessible players on the team. He has been part of the preseason media day three years in a row.

Two years ago, however, Moon took part in the most unusual interview request we have had. YNN’s Chris Whalen has a series in which he challenges athletes at different skills. With that in mind, he called me up asking if he could challenge Moon in a field goal kicking contest at Moon’s high school, Maine-Endwell.

I skeptically ran the idea by Marco and Moon. They both, however, thought it was a terrific idea. So on an overcast day, Moon and Whalen spent 45 minutes kicking through the uprights at Maine-Endwell’s football field, with the camera guy and myself retrieving the balls. Moon won by one field goal.

The reason the sky was so overcast is that the Flood of 2011 was just one day away from taking place. That is something Moon and I have recalled from time to time. Still, its situations such as the field goal kicking contest t

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