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Augliera selected by Boston in 5th Round, will report to Lowell in NY-Penn League

Senior from Old Bridge, N.J. becomes highest Binghamton draft pick ever

May 30, 2012

Augliera selected by Boston in 5th Round, will report to Lowell in NY-Penn League

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VESTAL, N.Y.—Senior pitcher Mike Augliera has been on a wild ride in the last year – one that culminated with hearing his name called by the Boston Red Sox during the fifth round of the 2012 First-Year Player Draft. With the 181st pick the American League East team made Augliera the highest-ever Binghamton player selected. He was also the first pitcher chosen from the America East.

Augliera, BU’s all-time wins leader, ranks second in the entire nation in strikeout-to-walk ratio and has been in contact with no fewer than two dozen MLB teams throughout the spring. With former BU pitchers Scott Diamond (Minnesota Twins) and Murphy Smith (Double-A Midland) already blazing successful trails in the professional ranks, Augliera is hoping to become the next protégé of head coach Tim Sinicki to sign a pro contract.

In this daily diary, Augliera talks about his communications with MLB scouts, his preparations for his future in baseball and shares his personal thoughts as the Draft unfolds.

New Post - June 7, 2012
I signed a contract last night and will be starting my career in Lowell, Mass in the New York Penn league. I am very excited to get started and I will be reporting on Sunday. The first game isn’t until the following Monday and the first week is just to acclimate ourselves and have some workouts. It is slowly coming to me that this is all real and it is a dream come true for me.

New Post - June 6, 2012
I am still shocked to be honest. Today went much better than I ever could have expected. I received some phone calls this morning clarifying my signability and was told to keep an eye for the later half of the top 10 rounds. I had some of my friends over and my family here all gathered around the computer hooked up to the tv and we watched. I remember thinking how bored they are going to be in an hour because I did not expect to go. When that hour came, I started getting phone calls about if I would sign in the 4th or 5th round and I couldn’t have been happier. We were all ecstatic. The Red Sox scout who picked me said he will be over later tonight to work on the contract. This is definitely a dream come true for me and I couldn’t have asked for a better situation. I just want to thank everyone at home and at Binghamton who have helped me get to this point.

New Post - June 5, 2012
I couldn’t be more excited for today. I’m pretty antsy and nervous and didn’t sleep great last night. I kept waking up thinking my phone was ringing so I woke up about five different times. I just look forward to what happens today and the feedback I’ve gotten is that there’s a legitimate chance to go inside the top 10 rounds. I will just be keeping my phone next to me and enjoying this day with my friends and family.

New Post - June 4, 2012
Today is a very exciting day for me. I’m getting very anxious to see what happens these next three days and I’m really looking forward to watching the first round tonight. I’m familiar with a lot of the people that will go today and I look forward to seeing how it all plays out. I’m getting very antsy for tomorrow to start and will have some friends over to experience this with me. I am just answering my phone and getting more and more excited with each call. I hope to go sometime tomorrow, but I would be blessed and grateful to go anywhere.

What are the teams telling you on the phone? Will they call before they draft you or will you find out when you see your name scroll on the computer?

The teams have just told me that they are interested in selecting me and what rounds I think I’d go. I get the feeling that they would call me but I have heard of kids seeing their names pop up first.

Such a cool time ... are your family members plugged into the process as well? What does your mom think?

My whole family is excited for me and I know that they will be checking in on the computer. My mom is probably more nervous than I am over the whole process so I’m usually the one having to calm her down. You’d think it’d be the other way around.

New Post - June 3, 2012
Have you been following the NCAA college regionals? Who are you rooting for? Nice to see Northeast teams Stony Brook and St. John’s doing so well ... do you have friends or former competitors playing in the tournament?

I have been following the regionals. I love watching college baseball and its that much better since it is the NCAA tournament. There are a lot of players that I know in the tournament, most of them I’ve met from playing summer ball.

Are there any other guys from the Old Bridge area (high school or college) who are expecting to get drafted?

There aren’t any players eligible that expect to get picked in Old Bridge right now that I know of. There are some kids not currently eligible who have a chance in the future. There definitely are some guys in my county that I’ve played against in the past who have a very good shot of getting picked up in the draft. My area has always had a pretty good baseball tradition.

New Post - June 2, 2012
Today has been the quietest day so far. I took the day off from throwing and haven’t had any communication from baseball people today. I’ll resume throwing and working out tomorrow.

New Post - June 1, 2012
Today just had a workout at night. Was a good experience ... was given a tour of the stadium by the team’s manager. It was a lot of fun. For the most part just relaxed and only had one phone call today. Can’t wait for next week.

Details on the Draft
The 2012 Draft will span three days.  For day one on June 4th, MLB Network and will provide live pick-by-pick coverage during the first round as well as the first compensation round.  The Draft will resume at 12:00 p.m. (ET) on both Tuesday, June 5th and Wednesday, June 6th via conference call from MLB headquarters in New York City.  Tuesday, June 5th will cover rounds two through 15, and Wednesday, June 6th will cover rounds 16 through 40.  (Per the new Basic Agreement, the Draft will have 40 rounds, instead of 50.  A Club may pass on its selection in any round and not forfeit its right to participate.)  The intervals between selections will last five minutes during the first round and one minute during the compensation round.  Rounds two through 10 will have one minute between selections, and the remainder of the selections will be made without delays.

Beginning with the Draft preview show, MLB Network’s live coverage will feature interviews with club front office personnel and representatives, footage from club draft rooms, interviews with prospects and newly drafted players, and news and analysis from MLB Network’s Greg Amsinger, Peter Gammons, John Hart, Brian Kenny, Harold Reynolds, Sam Ryan, Lauren Shehadi, and Matt Yallof, as well as Jonathan Mayo of and Jim Callis of Baseball America.


Continuing coverage at the start of day two, will deliver exclusive live programming of the Draft’s final two days, including a live pick-by-pick stream, expert draft and scouting commentary and DraftCaster, a live interactive application that includes a searchable database of every draft-eligible player supplemented by statistics, scouting reports and video highlights.

The selection order of the First-Year Player Draft is determined by the reverse order of finish at the close of the previous championship season.  Compensation picks have been assigned to Clubs whose Type A or Type B free agents signed with other Clubs and/or to Clubs that did not sign a player who was chosen in the first three rounds of the 2011 First-Year Player Draft.  The Houston Astros will have the first overall selection of the 2012 Draft, marking the third time in Club history it has the top choice (previous: 1976, 1992).  Four Clubs have two first round picks: the Toronto Blue Jays (17th and 22nd), the St. Louis Cardinals (19th and 23rd), the Boston Red Sox (24th and 31st) and the Milwaukee Brewers (27th and 28th).  The Cardinals have five of the first 59 selections and the Blue Jays hold five of the first 60 picks.

New Post - May 31, 2012
Today I got back from Binghamton and am home for good now. I long tossed with my catcher from high school when I got back. I had to send over some medical paperwork to one of the team’s medical staff so they could clear something up. I did receive a phone call from a scout of a team that I have heard from before. The call was the same kind of thing as the others, just to finalize their reports. For the rest of the day I will just be relaxing and waiting for the work out tomorrow.

There were about 15 guys at the workout I went to the other day. It is a regional thing so the workout mostly consisted of Northeast guys. I knew a few guys from summer leagues and playing against them. By playing college baseball and summer ball, you have the opportunity to meet a lot of people. I do have another workout on Thursday and it is from a team that I have already been contacted by. These workouts present me a good opportunity to be seen by other people in the organization other than just the area scout.

How would you describe your repertoire of pitches - how many different pitches and what do you try to do with each? Which are you focusing on improving? What have the MLB scouts told you about your specific pitches?

I throw a 4-seam and a 2-seam fastball, a circle changeup, and a slider. With all of my pitches I just try to throw strikes, and let the batter make contact. I feel confident and comfortable throwing any of them in any count. I always have and will try to improve all of my pitches but my off-speed pitches are what need the most work. My changeup and slider lack the consistency of my fastball and that is something I will work to improve. The feedback that I generally get from the scouts is that I do have to become more consistent with the off-speed pitches.

What kind of workouts do the MLB teams run you through?

The positional players will run 60’s, throw and field, and take batting practice at the workouts. The pitchers depending on what the team wants will either throw a bull pen or throw to hitters in a game type situation.

Who will you work out with at home?

My friends here all still play in adult leagues and are pretty competitive so finding someone to throw with isn’t a problem. Running on the other hand, they aren’t so fast to join me. When my brother isn’t in school, he is the person that I would go to first to throw with. I just try and go to a gym and lift weights, stretch, and run. I’ll usually run for about 20 minutes, depending on the day or do some sprints.


May 30, 2012

What have you been up to since the season ended ? 

I have gone to one work out so far and have been checking my phone and email pretty often. I have gotten multiple phone calls a day from different scouts and representatives of MLB teams and they all ask the same question. They ask if I would sign if drafted. It is usually a short conversation and it always ends with a big yes.

When was the first communication you had with any MLB representative regarding playing pro ball?
The first communication I had with a representative of an MLB team was last year. Things didn’t really happen much for me in the fall, but in the spring I started to get questionnaires from some teams. It was nothing too serious and I didn’t think I had much of a shot to go last year.

What were their comments and instructions to you at that time?
Basically I was just told to fill out their questionnaires and to contact them if I had any questions. This year I heard from teams more frequently and besides the same questionnaires I have been asked about my interest level of playing professionally and if I would sign if drafted.
How much of a distraction/pressure was it this year to have MLB scouts at every one of your starts?
It hasn’t been a distraction or felt like there was more pressure this year with the scouts at games. I always felt it was an honor and pleasure to have them there watching me and I thought that it was something that I had earned. They will do most of their communicating after or in between games of a double header. This has been a dream of mine ever since I was a little kid, and I hope that I get the chance to further my career in baseball.

How many different teams have been in communication with you?
I have been in communication with about 25 teams , in terms of filling out the questionnaires. That number is closer to 15 when it comes to speaking to them personally. There are teams that seem to have a greater interest than others, just by seeming more enthused and interested over the phone or in person.

How have you kept track of all the contacts? Do you keep business cards, make notes, etc.?
I keep all of the business cards that I have received, but with some of them they don’t give you any. It is difficult to remember each person with their associated team, but it is a problem that I am very happy to have.

What other team paperwork, questions did they have you fill out - anything formal at this point or just getting to know you?
There isn’t much paperwork to fill out. The questions are pretty much general information (birthdate, hometown, height, weight) and a medical report. As we have gotten closer to the draft, the questionnaires are coming less frequently and have been replaced by phone calls and emails regarding my signability and interest level of playing professionally.

What have they told you about how the process might unfold next week for the Draft?
I haven’t gotten any exact round or what to expect, other than that for the most part, they are very interested and would love to have me a part in their organization. It is a very exciting, and nerve-wracking feeling not having any real idea where you will end up, but I would be very fortunate and blessed to be a part of any organization.

What is your personal hope for what round you might go in?
My personal hope is to go in the first 10 rounds of the draft.

Will you need a lawyer/agent to sort out a contract offer? How does that work?
I will not be using an advisor or agent come draft day. Being a senior I don’t have much need for negotiating and would like to get started as soon as I possibly can. An advisor would be more beneficial to a high schooler or underclassmen who may be in line for a bigger signing bonus.

This is such a crazy time ... to graduate, finish your season and possibly get drafted - all in a three-week span. What else are you doing this week and next? What are some of the other little details you are sorting out right now?
This next week will be a very exciting time for me. I have already attended one workout with a professional team and will be attending another one on Thursday. Outside of the workouts, I will be continuing to work out and throw so I can remain in playing shape and just spending some time with my family and friends. I haven’t been able to do much of that recently so in this short period of time, hopefully, before I get shipped out I plan on enjoying my time with them. This has been a very exciting ride for me here at Binghamton University and I couldn’t be happier with how my four years have gone. It has been a lot of work to graduate and to get to this point in baseball, but it has something that I have worked very hard for and I look forward to the next chapter in my life.

Stay tuned for another update from Mike …

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