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Binghamton Men’s Soccer Daily Update (as of November 15)

Tracking the Bearcats throughout the 2014 Season

November 15, 2014

Binghamton Men’s Soccer Daily Update (as of November 15)

NOVEMBER 15, 2014

Thank You

It’s been three days since the Binghamton men’s soccer team’s valiant effort at Hartford in the America East semifinals. Since that night, I’ve been traveling with the Binghamton women’s basketball team. Simply put, things have been hectic.

Despite the 72 hours, this is still the toughest blog entry to write each year.

For the past three months, it’s been my pleasure to fill you in on the details of the Binghamton men’s soccer program. Throughout the highs and lows, it’s been easy to find things that go beyond the wins and losses that make this program as first-rate as it is.

Before wrapping this up, I wanted to thank some people in particular:

1. Coach Marco….for letting us have the access we have to the program.
2. Tommy Moon…an outstanding captain who always was gracious with his time.
3. Jamie Forbes…another senior who was always first class with the media.
4. All of the other seniors…who at one point or another were a great interview and feature blog.
5. The Celeste Family…for providing me with one of the best stories I have had the honor of writing this year. Even the Hartford play-by-play announcer mentioned it during his broadcast Wednesday.

Finally, a special shout out to WNBF Morning host Roger Neel, who interviewed Paul during his radio show each game day during the season. This includes three in-studio interviews.

This has been the seventh year we have done the Men’s Soccer Daily Update. Last year, over 5,000 people read this at one point or another. Without the following, we would not have continued this for as long as we have.

So until next August, we wish all of you the very best.

God Bless,

David O’Brian

November 15, 2014




NOVEMBER 12, 2014

Top 5 List: Semifinal Games

If you caught Roger Neel’s interview this morning with head coach Paul Marco, you would have heard the WNBF morning host mention that the Bearcats were 5-0-1 in six previous trips to the America East semifinals.

“I had no idea we were that good,” Marco replied.

We don’t like to remind the coaching staff about their past successes or setbacks. Still, that did not stop us from posting that note on our website preview.

Having seen all of the previous six contests, let’s count down the top five most memorable semifinal games:

5. 2005. Binghamton 4, UMBC 1

This was a rematch of a 1-0 double overtime loss to the Retrievers at the West Gym Field during the regular season. In fact, it would be the last home loss the Bearcats would suffer for two years.
Joey Nielson had a goal and an assist while Pete Sgueglia tallied three assists as the Bearcats won their second straight road semifinal game.


4. 2004. Binghamton 3, Albany 1

The Bearcats had plenty of motivation for this one. Two weeks earlier, they blew a two-goal lead in a 3-2 loss that cost them the number two seed. They more than made up for it in the critical rematch on the road. Graham Munro and Charles Darkwah scored 88 apart in the second half to blow open a tight game.


3. 2003. Binghamton 1, Hartford 0

The Bearcats continued their Cinderella season as Munro converted a penalty kick in the 80th minute. The win was even sweeter when the Bearcats found out that top-seeded UMBC lost the other semifinal game and they would be hosting the title game one week later.

2. 2006. Binghamton 1, Boston 1. BU advances on PKs 6-5

Binghamton was the top seed but the Terriers scored a goal early in the first half. The Bearcats came back to tie it in the 78th minute on a goal by Joey Neilson. The game went to the shootout where Jason Stenta came up with his now famous save to seal the win.

What people forget about that game is the perfect cross Cody Germain fired to Neilson from at least 30 yards out that wound up tying the game. Boston was packing in the defense pretty tight to the point that it would take a special play to tie the game. Without Germain’s cross, the Bearcats’ season would have most likely been over.


1. 2008. Binghamton 1, Albany 0, 2 OT

Once again, the Bearcats squandered a first-round bye late in the regular season. But once again, they would go on the road and pull off the victory.

Cameron Keith had many memorable goals at the Bearcats Sports Complex. But this was, without question, the biggest moment of his career. His goal 1:13 into the second overtime period sent the Bearcats to their conference-record sixth straight America East title game in a row.

Heading into the game, several of the seniors were asked by the local media this simple question – “If you lose to Albany and don’t make it back to the title game, is the season a failure.”

Every one of the seniors responded affirmatively.

The postgame celebration against the far sideline was part jubilation and part relief.

On the bus ride home, one of the seniors came up to us.

“You have no idea how much pressure this was,” he said.

Oh yes we did.


It has been six years to the day since that dramatic win up at Albany. In many ways, it was the final signature moment of the Bearcats’ golden run of 2003-08. Tonight, however, Binghamton takes the first step towards returning to that standard of excellence. The Bearcats are once again in a semifinal game.

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NOVEMBER 11, 2014

Comeback Within a Comeback

Saturday night’s game against Stony Brook wasn’t just a comeback for the Bearcats. It was also the continuation of a personal comeback for junior midfielder Tucker Sandercock.

In 2011, Sandercock was named to the America East All-Rookie Team. The following season, however, he left the program after fall. This past January, he came back to the Bearcats but struggled with injuries for much of the year.

Against that backdrop, Sandercock worked his way into the starting lineup in late October. After tallying an assist against Stony Brook on Senior Night, he scored the game-tying goal against the Seawolves in the 77th minute in Saturday’s quarterfinal game.

“It was both excitement and relief to be able to come through after not being able to play for most of the season,” he says. “It was really nice to be able to contribute.”

“We were not getting a lot of good chances in the game before Tucker scored,” head coach Paul Marco said. “He jumped higher than anyone else did when he headed the ball in the net. It was an outstanding goal that we knew was going into the net before it crossed the end line.”

Overcoming his injury was a long process but midway through the year, Sandercock sensed he had turned a corner.

“About halfway through the season, when I was still doing physical training, I began to feel like I had turned a corner,” he says. “I felt good and was ready to get out there.”

Like the rest of the Bearcats, Sandercock will be making his first trip to the America East semifinals on Wednesday at Hartford. On the bus ride up there, we asked him about the team chemistry which has been evident through both the good and tough times this year.

“It’s been great,” he said. “We are very close and even when were down against Stony Brook, we were able to stay together and get the tying goal. The chemistry is as good as it’s ever been since I’ve been here.”

The same can be said about Sandercock, both as a player and a teammate.

“Tucker has shown a lot of strength, will and determination this year,” Marco said. “He has really grown a lot and has been a great team player this year. He has been contributing to the team in many ways all season.”

Posted November 11, 2014 at 5:45 p.m.
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NOVEMBER 10, 2014

Just Like Old Times

For those of you who played or watched the Bearcats during the West Gym Field days, you remember well all of the penalty kick shootouts in America East Tournament games. From 2003-06, the Bearcats played one penalty kick shootout each season at home. They won all four games.

The Bearcats Sports Complex has produced plenty of good moments since it opened in 2007. The only penalty kick shootout to take place there, however, was the women’s 2009 win over Maine.

Against Stony Brook in the America East quarterfinals on Saturday night, the Bearcats won their first shootout since 2006 (which was their last one) and advanced to the semifinals for the first time since 2008.

In other words, the past postseason magic of the West Gym Field reappeared on Saturday night at the Bearcats Sports Complex.

Senior Steve Celeste

“With our squad, even the older guys had never been to the semifinals. It shows how resilient we are to come back like we did tonight.”

Junior Bret Celeste

“It means lot to advance. It was a good result for us tonight because I did not want that to be the last game I played with Steve (Celeste).”

“I thought I would be a little nervous before taking the penalty kick but I wasn’t nervous at all. I just buried it and got the win for the team.”

Sophomore Logan Roberts

“It speaks a lot about our character to get the result. We have had a lot of close results. We’ve continued to battle all year and it’s nice to see the game go our way.”

“It was awesome seeing all the fans go towards the goal (where the shootout took place). I got chills just watching it. It’s a great feeling.”

Just Like Old Times, Part 2

BU alums Jake Keegan, Matt Ryan and Jason Stenta were all at the game on Saturday. Stenta was actually the Bearcat goalkeeper in the 2006 shootout win over Boston University. It was his save in the bottom of the sixth round that sealed the 6-5 win for Binghamton.

Back in those days, I would stand on the field keeping track of the shootout goals instead of being in a press box. As a matter of fact, I was stationed about 20 feet in front of the Binghamton bench.

Right before Stenta’s signature save, I actually heard team captain Kyle Antos yelling at me from behind.

“Hey David,” he said with a grin. “Get out of our way.”

I moved aside and after Stenta made his save, Antos and the rest of the Binghamton bench stormed by me to celebrate on the field. A good part of the crowd did as well.

Glad I got out of his way.

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NOVEMBER 7, 2014

Playoff Time

If you have been a store lately, you have been bound to see Christmas decorations already up and holiday music being played over the loudspeaker.

One song we’ve heard is Frank Sinatra’s “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.”

For those of you following the Binghamton men’s soccer program, that statement applies more towards the present than one month from now.

Spring training. Summer preseason. The regular season. It is preparation for the playoffs.

In other words, THIS is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

As we begin preparations for the game against Stony Brook tomorrow, check out the video from the team’s postseason media day, which was held on Thursday afternoon.

Media Day Video

There is a significant history between the Bearcats and Seawolves heading into Saturday. Check out the recaps from the 2005 conference title game as well as the 2012 quarterfinals.


Next, it’s been four years since the Bearcats hosted an America East tournament game. Here is the recap from the 2010 quarterfinals against New Hampshire.


Finally, and most important, it’s been six years (too long) since the Bearcats advanced to the America East semifinals. Here is the recap from the 3-1 quarterfinal win, also against New Hampshire.


With all that history in mind, let’s hope Sinatra’s song still applies to the Binghamton men’s soccer team after the weekend.

Posted on November 7, 2014
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NOVEMBER 6, 2014

America East Playoff Ticket Information

The America East Conference has set ticket prices for Saturday’s quarterfinal men’s soccer game between Binghamton and Stony Brook. The two teams will square off at 6 p.m. at the Bearcats Sports Complex.

Regularly priced tickets are $8, youth tickets (14 and under) are $5 and tickets for students from any America East school are available for $2, provided they have a valid student ID.

The Binghamton Athletic Department will be picking up the cost of the tickets for all of its university undergrads. Their University IDs will be scanned at the gate of the Bearcats Sports Complex.

Tickets for Saturday’s game are now available through the Events Center Box Office. Its hours are noon-4:30 p.m. today and Friday. On Saturday, the Events Center Box Office will be open two hours before kickoff.

PLEASE NOTE: Season ticket holders are advised that the Bearcat Scarf will not serve as admission to America East Tournament games. The scarf only applies to regular-season contests.

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NOVEMBER 4, 2014

Eight Years Later…..

As the Bearcats make final preparations for their match against Albany, we’d like to flash back to their performance eight years ago today. It was the final game ever played at the old West Gym Field in which the Bearcats won the America East title with a 1-0 overtime win against Vermont.

Check out the recap in the link below…


A few thoughts on that game:

1. Kyle Antos, who was the captain of that team, was injured when the Bearcats won the 2003 title. He scored a goal in the 2004 and 2005 championship games, both of which Binghamton lost in the decisive shootout. The guys on the 2006 team had said during the year how much they wanted Kyle to have a chance to hoist the trophy. The look on his face when he did so was priceless.

2. Less than an hour after the game, Antos was escorted into the Events Center for an interview on WNBF Radio. The men’s basketball team was playing an exhibition game and Roger Neel, the announcer, wanted to talk with him at the half. When Antos came out of the Events Center tunnel carrying the trophy, he got a loud ovation from the BU Zoo. Pretty soon, the entire crowd was applauding.

3. Barry Neville, who nailed the winning penalty kick in overtime had to be perfect with his shot. Roger Scully, the Vermont goalkeeper, guessed right when Neville fired the ball into the upper left corner.  Scully was in the midst of four games against Binghamton where he did not allow a goal, other than Neville’s kick. The following year, Scully would get his revenge, shutting out the Bearcats in the finals.

There is still a lot of soccer to be played before thinking about a game like this taking place this year. But on the eight-year anniversary of that win, it is appropriate to take a look back.

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NOVEMBER 3, 2014

Comeback Night

We’ll admit, Saturday’s 5-1 win over Stony Brook on Saturday night definitely is one of the more memorable Senior Day games we’ve seen during the Bearcats’ Division I era. Its long-term significance, however, will play out over the coming days.

Head coach Paul Marco wasn’t kidding when he said the Bearcats were finally fully healthy for the first time in two years.

Taking a look at the box score from Saturday, that’s easy to see.

Tommy Moon and Pascal Trappe, who teamed up for the third Bearcat goal, both missed last season due to injury. Trappe also missed most of this season before subbing in during the Homecoming Game.

Bret Celeste, who scored the first goal against Stony Brook, missed his first two years before becoming a starter late last season.

Tucker Sandercock, who rejoined the team this year, assisted on the second goal.

Luca Bottoni, who scored the final goal, was off to a great start earlier in the season before being sidelined by an injury.

Only Logan Roberts, who finished Saturday with a goal and an assist, has been relatively healthy the past two seasons.

The game was similar to the 2011 Senior Day game, in which the Bearcats beat eventually conference champion Boston University 5-1. Binghamton missed the playoffs that year, leading to the wondering of what might have been. The Bearcats had been in a goal scoring drought until that win over the Terriers but there were no more games left to play.

With a fully healthy team and at least one home playoff game, this season still has ample opportunities for the Bearcats to continue their momentum from the win over Stony Brook.

In other words, we will know by the end of the season just how significant this year’s Senior Day win was.

Do The Math

It’s pretty simple.
The Bearcats are guaranteed their first home playoff game since 2010.

Should they beat Albany AND UMass Lowell beats Hartford on Wednesday, they will earn a first-round bye for the first time since 2007.

Binghamton, therefore, can finish anywhere from second to fourth in the conference.

Remember to Vote

No, we are not talking about the midterm elections. We are talking about the America East Fans’ Choice Voting. Steve Celeste, who is Binghamton’s entry, is currently second out of the eight nominated players.
If you have yet to do so, click the link below to cast your vote!

Link to Ballot


We would be remiss if we did not congratulate the Binghamton men’s cross country team for winning their first America East title since 2009.

May that set the stage for more Bearcat titles in the weeks and months ahead.

Posted November 3, 2014
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OCTOBER 31, 2014

Top 5 List: Senior Day Games

Since 2001, there have been 13 Senior Day ceremonies prior to the Bearcats’ final home game during their Division I era. Each of them has been memorable in its own way. But as is the case with Homecoming, here is our annual list of the Top 5 Senior Day Games during the Bearcats’ Division I era.

5. 2011

At the end of a difficult season, which saw the Bearcats miss out on the America East Tournament for the first time in nine years, the offense came alive in a 5-1 thumping of eventual regular-season champion Boston University. The game is also remembered for being pushed back a day due to a freak snowstorm.

4. 2010

Binghamton and New Hampshire were locked in a 0-0 tie in the second overtime period. If the Wildcats salvaged a tie, they would host Binghamton the following weekend in a first-round America East Tournament game. The Bearcats had to win to host New Hampshire the following week. Tommy Klim’s goal gave the Bearcats a 1-0 victory.

3. 2002

Head coach Paul Marco was in his first season at the helm when the Bearcats hosted a Stony Brook team it had not beaten since 1999. Graham Munro’s two penalty kick goals punctuated a 3-1 Binghamton win.

2. 2006

It wasn’t a win but the Bearcats’ 0-0 tie against Vermont clinched their first-ever America East regular-season title. More important, it gave the Bearcats home field advantage when they hosted (and beat) the Catamounts in the conference title game two weeks later. This would also be the last season at the old West Gym Field.

1. 2005

This game is remembered just as much for the senior class as it was for the outcome of the game. Graham Munro, Danilo, Darius Ravangard, Phil Grommet, Joe Howe, Ryan Pierce and Luc Vallone had helped transform the Bearcat program into a regional and conference contender.

Five of them arrived before the squad had experienced success and by the time senior day rolled around, this senior class had more than left their mark on the Binghamton program. They had won over the university, the media and the community. Even if people did not like soccer, they came to watch the players because of who they were as people.

Writing this senior script was one of the tougher tasks we have done in all our years working with the Binghamton men’s soccer program. These were stand up guys who loved the university and appreciated everyone around them. They would leave a legacy that continues to define the Binghamton soccer program.

Oh yes, the Bearcats beat Boston University 1-0 in overtime to win the Senior Day Game. But that was icing on the cake. The most touching tribute came during the pregame ceremony.

After snapping the group photo following the Senior Day tribute, Danilo approached us and shook our hand.

“Thank you for everything you have done for us,” he said.

No Danilo. Thank YOU.

Posted October 31, 2014
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OCTOBER 30, 2014

Kudos to the BU Women’s Team

As the BU men’s soccer team seeks to bounce back in its final two regular-season matches of the season, it need not look any further than the Bearcat women for some inspiration.

Less than three weeks ago, the BU women lost their Homecoming game 1-0 to New Hampshire. Other than the 2004 team returning to be honored on the 10-year anniversary of their historic America East championship, there were few highlights from that day. In several other ties and loses, Binghamton had done enough to win. Against New Hampshire, however, it was a different story.

The Bearcats left the field that day knowing that their chances to make the America East tournament were in serious jeopardy. Their last two regular-season matches were on the road and they needed at least a win and a tie plus some teams ahead of them to lose in order to continue their season.

Yesterday, however, the women’s team left for New Hampshire, where they will face the Wildcats in a first-round game tonight at 7 p.m. Thanks to a pair of dramatic double-overtime wins, plus a timely loss by Stony Brook, Binghamton is indeed in the playoffs. In what had to be the most pressure-packed week of the season, the Bearcats came through with flying colors.

There was one small draw back.

For years, head coach Sarah McClellan has done radio interviews with Roger Neel on WNBF during the postseason, just like men’s coach Paul Marco does. While Marco is a definite morning person, McClellan, by her own admission, is not. She has to have enough time to get caffeinated in the morning before she can go on the air.

The first question we asked her on Monday when we stopped by her office is whether she had enough caffeine ready for the interviews. She went on with Roger Neel on Tuesday at 8:40 but when we asked her later how the interview went, she had a hard time remembering.

Hopefully, the wins will continue and she will have another chance next week.

Do The Math

We have tried going through the America East standings and nothing is official yet in terms of teams clinching playoff spots.

We will know more on Saturday night but until then, feel free to try yourselves. Click on the link below.

America East Standings Page

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OCTOBER 28, 2014

Major Upset

Jason Stenta, who starred on the BU men’s soccer team from 2006-09, saw more than his fair share of significant wins as a player. But he can’t say that he has ever experienced what he did this weekend as a coach.

Stenta is currently an assistant coach at nearby LeMoyne College, which competes at the NCAA Division II level. The Dolphins are currently 7-4-0.

This weekend, however, he was on the sidelines when LeMoyne upset previously undefeated, defending national champion and top-ranked Southern New Hampshire 1-0 in double overtime. Click the link below to check out the recap and highlights.


Even though he wasn’t playing, Stenta’s elation about the win is evident.

“It was a great win for our program,” he said. “Southern New Hampshire hadn’t lost in 415 days. Our guys came in and did everything we asked of them.”

Before the game, Stenta had a message for the Dolphins as they prepared for their biggest game of the season.

“I told the guys during pregame ‘Thanks for giving your heart and souls because that’s what it is going to take today,’ “ he said.

We asked Stenta if he could remember an upset of that magnitude during his time at Binghamton.

“I am not sure if I can remember our biggest upset,” he said. “But the best moment I remember was when we played Boston in the (2006) playoffs and I save the (decisive) penalty kick in the shootout. It was a similar feeling.”

Need a refresher on the moment Stenta is talking about? Click the link below to access the photo of his decisive save.


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OCTOBER 27, 2014

The Celeste Family

There is a reason we did not post a daily update today. We have been finishing up our feature article on the Celeste family. For those of you who do not know them personally, give this a read. They should make all of our alum readers proud to be a part of the program.

Link to feature article

On an related note, when we first received the stats from UMass Lowell after Saturday’s game, it had Steve Celeste’s goal assisted by someone other than Bret. We got a text from Bret on the way home, nicely stating that he passed Steve the ball. That was followed by a text from Steve indicating the same thing. Sure enough, when we brought it to Coach Marco’s attention, he gave us the official go-ahead to petition UMass Lowell to make the change..which they did.

A perfect example of brothers looking out for each other.

Posted on October 27, 2014 at 9 p.m.
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OCTOBER 24, 2014

Alumni Updates

While the BU men’s soccer team is getting ready to head off to Lowell later today, a few alumni updates to pass along:

A Call from the Hall

Congratulations to 2009 alum Brendan McGovern, who was recently inducted into the Lakeland High School Hall of Fame. Here is the write up that appeared in his hometown paper afterwards.


In McGovern’s senior season (2008), which was also the first year we did the Men’s Soccer Daily Update, we wrote a profile on him. His performance in the classroom was unmatched and while he was not a starter, he still had as much respect from his teammates as anyone in the program. The University as well as the America East both re-ran that piece on their own websites.

Here is that write up:

Feature Story: Brendan McGovern

McGovern was in town this past Homecoming Weekend and stopped by the Bearcats Sports Complex during the team’s kick around. He was also one of several alums to come to the team’s game at Columbia last year.
Check out the video we did from that alumni gathering, which includes an interview with McGovern


On a personal note, McGovern’s parents were just as classy. The night of the Bearcats’ 2008 Senior Day game, they came up to the press box when we were still cleaning up. They had a loaf of Irish Soda Bread as a way of saying thanks for the article we wrote.


We heard from 2006 team captain Kyle Antos last week, who had hoped to be on campus Homecoming Weekend. He and his wife Ashley have a one-year old son, Aidan.

During the summer, Antos took his son to a Yankees game for his first birthday and managed to get him on the JumboTron screen at Yankee Stadium. For those of you who are on the Binghamton Bearcats Facebook site, you can check out the photos by clicking the link below.

Facebook Photo

For Antos, the greatest moment of his Binghamton sports career had to be when he accepted the 2006 America East championship trophy after the Bearcats beat Vermont 1-0 in the conference finals. Having been injured during the Bearcats’ 2003 title run, he more than made up for it as the captain of the team three years later.

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Odds and Ends

OCTOBER 23, 2014

Following the BU men’s soccer team’s midweek game against Columbia, it’s time to catch up on a bunch of topics before turning our attention to UMass Lowell.

Welcome Back

On Saturday, Pascal Trappe saw his first action in nearly two seasons. Last night, it was Tucker Sandercock’s turn. After rejoining the Bearcat program this year, Sandercock struggled with injuries most of the season. Last night, however, he not only played. He got to start.

A Big Hit

As of last night, nearly 350 of the Bearcat scarves, which serve as a season ticket pass to both men’s and women’s BU soccer games, were reported to have been sold.

Last week, on his WNBF interview with Roger Neel, Binghamton head coach Paul Marco noted how some fans at the Bearcats Sports Complex had started to hold up their scarves during the National Anthem.

Upcoming Features

We are working on a full length feature article of the Celeste family. Steve is in his final season with the program and will be honored at Senior Day next Saturday against Stony Brook. Bret is a redshirt junior and will still be eligible next season. Their parents Lois and Jack are fixtures at every game and Lois has helped the parents organize game day tailgates and other events.

Yesterday, Lois and Jack drove straight from Saratoga Springs so we could do a photo shoot with the four of them before the match against Columbia. Despite the overcast conditions, we managed to get the photo done.

On the Menu

Speaking of the postgame tailgate, nice touch last night with the parents ordering chicken marsala and rice pilaf. As the stepparent of a varsity player at nearby Vestal High School, I am constantly looking for postgame ideas for my family.

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OCTOBER 21, 2014

Making His Mark

Since the first game of the season at Bucknell, freshman Christian Dam has been a starting center back. Playing alongside senior Jamie Forbes, he has played a pivotal role on a Bearcat defense that has surrendered just 13 goals this season.

Unlike most freshmen, Dam did not just leave home to come to Binghamton. He left his native Denmark to come to the United States. Two months into the season, however, he has no regrets about his decision.

“The team has been terrific,” he said. “When I first came here, I thought there would be a lot more separation between the freshmen and upperclassmen. But there has been no difference at all. They have really made me feel (like a part of the team).”

In particular, Forbes has been both a teammate and a mentor to Dam during his first season.

“He has been really great,” he said. “We talk a lot both on and off the field and we have discussed everything together.”

Dam’s teammates have taken an instant liking to him as a person and an appreciation for him as a player.

“He is very good player,” sophomore goalkeeper Robert Moewes said. “He communicates well on the field and fits in very well with our team.”

“He has fit in really well with our team,” sophomore back Charlie Novoth said. “He has been playing very well and the boys all like him. (Opposing) attackers find it hard to get around him.”

Dam has been impressed not just with the team but also with the crowd support. Through eight matches this season, the Bearcats are averaging over 1,000 fans a game. In particular, Dam was impressed with the support this weekend against Vermont in the Homecoming game.

“It was fantastic,” he said. “The crowd was outstanding. I have never played before that many fans before. It was really, really great.”

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OCTOBER 20, 2014

Leftovers from Homecoming

Despite the heartbreaking finish on Saturday night, Homecoming Weekend was a memorable one at Binghamton. Here are some of the highlights:

Welcome Back

During the team’s kick around early Saturday afternoon, several alumni came out on to the field to greet their former teammates. They also shared their thoughts on returning to campus.

“First and foremost, it feels great to be back and see the smiles on people’s faces before a big game,” Marts Reid-Warden said. “The atmosphere at Homecoming is always second to none and hopefully the weather will hold up.”

“It’s great to see everyone,” Kevin Bunce said. “Looking at the field, I remember how hard we worked as a team and it’s great to be back together.”

There were also alums who came back from the Colonial era to visit the team as well as their former coach, Tim Schum. On Friday, 1988 graduate and BU Hall of Famer Raul Martynek was one of five alumni panelists who spoke to the current Binghamton senior class about networking and job searching.

A handful of other Colonials came and shared some thoughts of how Schum kindled their current love for soccer. There were other stories, however, that served as a sharp contrast to how fit players have to be today.

“When I get done with practice one day,” an alum from the 1960s said. “I remember going back into the locker room and one of my teammates was lighting up a cigarette.”

Welcome to BU

It was a memorable Homecoming weekend for senior midfielder Pascal Trappe. His parents and brother are currently visiting from Germany for two weeks. They joined him at the tailgate and then watched him play his first minutes in nearly two years.

On a related note, the Pipe Dream beat writer for men’s soccer inquired during the match against Vermont if they could talk to Trappe about having his family over and when he hopes to play again.

At first, we told them that if he did not play, he would not be available for interviews afterwards. That has always been our policy.

Needless to say, the Pipe Dream writer looked very happy after Trappe subbed into the game.

Ten Years Later

On Sunday, the 2004 BU women’s soccer team was honored during halftime of their Senior Day game against New Hampshire. Fourteen of the players, along with both coaches, came back to campus. Head coach Jeff Leightman, who is now the coach at San Jose State, even flew across the country for the event.

After the team photo and ceremony, the players were in no hurry to leave the field. Hugs and chatter ensued for a good couple of minutes.

Like the 2003 and 2006 men’s teams that also won conference titles, the 2004 women’s team was a special group….and still is.

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OCTOBER 17, 2014

Top 5 List: Homecoming Games

With one day to go before the match against Vermont, it’s time to once again count down the top five Homecoming games at the Bearcats Sports Complex. Since 2007, an average of over 2,100 fans have watched the men’s soccer team on Homecoming Weekend. Four of those games have been regionally televised and three of those contests have gone into overtime. The Bearcats are 4-2-1 all-time in such matches.

Here then is our list of the top five Homecoming games at the Bearcats Sports Complex:

5. 2009: Binghamton 1, Rhode Island 1

This contest will be remembered for setting the facility record with 2,604 fans filling the Complex. Jake Keegan netted the game tying goal in the second half. Rhode Island’s goal, however, was followed by Kevin Shaw running over to the BU Soccer Hooligans and taking a bow. Still the most creative visitor celebration we have seen.


4. 2013: Binghamton 3, UMass Lowell 0

Of the three goals scored by the Bearcats, two were followed by memorable goal celebrations. Ben Nicholson’s goal in the second minute was punctuated by a flip. Marts Reid-Warden’s second-half goal was followed by his tribute to Premier League star Daniel Sturridge. Logan Roberts, meanwhile, finished the game with a goal and an assist but had no post-goal celebration to show for his efforts.


3. 2010: Binghamton 1, Vermont 0

Ryan Walter’s first-half goal came before most of the crowd had found their seats. The Catamounts came into the game with a 6-3-3 record and had upset No. 13 Stanford earlier in the season.


2. 2008: Binghamton 1, Vermont 0

The first facility sellout and the first regionally televised game are enough to put this game high on the list. Cameron’s Keith’s second-half goal, however, was the clincher. Binghamton stayed in first place in the America East and avenged its 2007 title game loss against the Catamounts on the same field 11 months earlier.


1. 2007: Binghamton 2, Boston Univ. 1 (OT)

Barring a championship win, this is bound to remain the greatest men’s soccer game in the history of the Bearcats Sports Complex. Start off with a downpour that moved the pregame facility dedication indoors. Add to that an early Boston goal and you have a disappointing evening for over 1,700 fans. But then Keith scored before the half and scored again with the first overtime winding down. The end result launched pandemonium as the team raced over to the stands to celebrate with the fans. Binghamton at the time was 7-2-0 and receiving votes in the NSCAA Poll.


Moving forward….we’ll know on Monday if this year’s game makes the list.

Stay tuned.

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OCTOBER 16, 2014

Instant Impact

Like many first-year players, Isaiah Barrett arrived at preseason hoping to make a splash with the Binghamton men’s soccer program.

Well he did…literally.

At the Bearcat Open Golf Tournament, which is held each preseason, Barrett’s tee shot on the first hole went into the pond 15 yards away. So too did his golf club.

It was not the most auspicious way to start his freshman year but on the soccer field, Barrett has been a starting midfielder for most of the season. He has won over his new teammates with his work ethic on the field and personality off it.

“He’s been fantastic,” head coach Paul Marco said. “He’s a guy who has come and has responded well to the environment and the team.”

“He’s been a great addition to the team,” senior forward Pascal Trappe said. “He gives it everything he has on the field and is a pretty funny guy off it.”

Barrett arrives from Wilson, New York, where he was a standout for both Wilson High School and the Revolution Empire U-18 Development Academy Team. He has made the most of his first year with the Bearcats and has thoroughly enjoyed his experience.

“It’s been awesome,” he said. “My teammates have really welcomed me and the coaches have really pushed me to be the best player I can be. I am just happy I can be contributing.”

While the team has a whole has made Barrett feel at home, he credits the veteran midfielders with taking him under their wings.

“Bret Celeste plays next to me in the midfield,” Barrett said. “He has shown me the ropes as far as what to do and when to do it. Charlie Novoth has also been a leader to the team in general. He is just a great guy.”

He has only been with the team for two months, but Barrett can sense that he has improved already in that stretch.

“I think I have improved quite a bit,” he said. “Playing with the best that Binghamton has had to offer really has helped me to develop as a player.”

While Barrett has felt embraced by his team, Marco has noticed him starting to reciprocate.

“He has been outstanding as a teammate,” he said. “I see him talking to a lot of the guys and not just a few. The guys on the team really seem to like him and he has found a home here. We are very happy to have him.”

Barrett has been up for the challenge of contributing as a freshman but he is well aware that the Bearcat Open Golf Tournament awaits him again next year.

“I am keeping my clubs in the bag for now,” he said. “But I’ll practice and see about next year.”

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OCTOBER 15, 2014

Pizza With Vaughan

Our office received a call from Head coach Paul Marco during training on Monday. Normally that is not a good thing. Unless there is a serious situation, he and the coaching staff are locked into the action on the field.

Well, there was a situation taking place on the field. But a serious situation? Hardly.

“Just want you to know that Ryan Vaughan is down here filming training,” Marco said. “He is trying to promote our Homecoming Game.”

Ryan Vaughan is an adjunct professor of English on campus, who is very popular with his students. Many of the BU men’s soccer players have had him for a class and came away very impressed.

“He provides valuable life lessons through his teaching,” senior back Jamie Forbes said. “He makes students think for themself and doesn’t just shove information in your face. He is also one of the funniest guys I have ever met.”

“I’ve known Ryan Vaughan for over a decade,” Marco said. “Our daughters were in the same dance class growing up. He is an outstanding faculty member as well as a great person in our community.”

On top of his classes, Vaughan launched an internet talk show entitled Pizza With Vaughan. In each episode, he goes around campus in search of good stories throughout the year. The show’s Facebook site has over 1,000 likes.

It is against that backdrop that Vaughan came to the Bearcats Sports Complex to help promote the Homecoming Game against Vermont. Instead of interviewing the team, however, Vaughan took part in the same drills as the team….with interesting results.

In one segment, Vaughan is seen taking part in a goalkeeping drill. He also took part in the same warm ups as the team and competed against a certain blogger in a reaction game (yes, that would be yours truly).

“He always puts a smile on your face,” Forbes said. “As you could see by the drills, he is pretty hilarious.”

There was only one disappointment in Vaughan’s participation in the training session.

“It would have been perfect if it was his birthday,” Marco said. “We would have been able to flip him in the air. We are going to have to bring him back on his birthday.”

Click the link below to watch the video


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OCTOBER 14, 2014

Giving Back

Following the Binghamton men’s soccer team’s 1-0 win over New Hampshire on Saturday, the Bearcats had less than 10 minutes until their next action on the home field started.

This time, however, they weren’t facing another team. Instead, they were taking part in a post-game clinic and autograph session, which was open to kids age 12 and under.

Despite having just gone 90 minutes against the Wildcats, the Bearcats were more than happy to take part in the event.

“It’s great to give back to the community,” senior back Matt McCoy said. “These kids come out and support us and this give us a chance to say thanks.”

“We want to show the people who come out to support them that we care about them,” captain Tommy Moon said. “It means a lot to us when we do these events.”

For the next hour, the Bearcats divided up into stations to show the kids different skill sets. They then went over to the autograph session. There was little doubt that the autograph the kids wanted the most was from Derrick Ladeairous, who scored the game-winning goal against New Hampshire.

“When you score the goal that wins the game, you are going to be signing more autographs,” captain Tommy Moon said. “I’m jealous.”

Asked if he had writer’s cramp after the autograph session, Ladeairous admitted he did.

“I did sign my name a lot today but it was all worth it,” he said smiling.

Click the link below for photos from the autograph session.

Photo Gallery

Reading List

Check out the Pipe Dream’s recap from the win over New Hampshire on Saturday.



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OCTOBER 13, 2014

New Hampshire Wrap Up

Some thoughts from the team after the 1-0 win over New Hampshire on Saturday:

Head Coach Paul Marco

“One of the things we have stressed with the guys is that we have to create more opportunities. If we do that, we told our guys that the goals were going to come. The guys had a great week of training and now we have to prepare for another big one.”

“I thought Derrick was terrific on the goal today. He has always been pretty quick, even when he was playing in the backfield. He’s a guy who can play anywhere on the field and we are going to have to rely on him like we did today,”

Senior midfielder Derrick Ladeairous

“This is a great feeling. We had a dry spell for a while but now we are starting to roll.”

“I’ve been playing up front a lot more this year and have been training pretty hard. I did play in the back the past three years but having been a defender, I know what they are thinking when we move the ball downfield.”

Sophomore goalkeeper Robert Moewes

“It’s an awesome win. We worked really hard for it. We have really improved a lot on defense. I always felt safe with the job the backline did today.”

Senior forward Steve Celeste

“It was a huge impact having the crowd we did today. We love when we can get that many people out to the games. It really boosts the spirits of the boys. Hopefully they can keep coming back and we can keep winning.”

“The chances to score have been there before. We’ve just (managed to) put them in. Today, Derrick (Ladeairous) had a great strike on goal.”

About Those Animations…

On Friday, we talked to Coach Marco about the animations he used during film sessions. In particular, we broached the topic about the goal celebration animations he created.

With that in mind, we asked him about the celebration following the game winner against New Hampshire.

“All of the guys came over to Derrick pretty quickly, which didn’t give Derrick a lot of time to do anything on his own. If he had a little more space, we might have seen something. Still, I am more thrilled with the actual goal than anything.”

Let’s Go to the Videotape

Check out the Highlights from the win over New Hampshire by clicking on the link below.


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OCTOBER 10, 2014

Final Thoughts Before UNH

A shorter session, concluding with a four-team game was the Bearcats’ final workout before tomorrow’s match against New Hampshire.

Sophomore back Charlie Novoth

“It’s been a great week. We have worked on a lot of fitness. The boys have been working hard. We had longer sessions earlier in the week and lighter sessions now.”

“Coming off a win, the boys are pretty pumped. Hopefully we can give a result to the fans that come to watch us tomorrow.”

Captain Tommy Moon

“After the win against Hartford, everybody’s spirits have been pretty high. We have had a good week of training and I think we are really ready for the match tomorrow.”

Animation at Its Finest

This morning on the WNBF Morning Show, Roger Neel was talking with Coach Marco about some animated goal celebrations he showed the team before the Hartford game last week.
“There was a while where I wondered if the team would know what to do after a goal,” Marco quipped. “We had put some animation in our scouting reports and one of the things we did last week was to show the guys what happens after we score a goal.  A couple of the guys even followed the animation perfectly after we scored the goal.

Since the Bearcats Sports Complex opened in 2007, there have been several notable goal celebrations by Binghamton players.

“Ben Nicholson (who did a backflip following his goal on Homecoming Weekend last year) was probably the best we’ve had,” Marco said. “I did like Marts Reid-Warden’s celebration last year as well. Graham Munro’s celebration after he scored on a PK was pretty good. Then there was Cameron Keith, who was on the fence so much I can still see a permanent mark on it.”

A Belated Bath

At the end of training on Friday, this blogger stopped by thinking he was just going to do interviews. Instead, he got called out for having a birthday that the team missed last week.

As is the team’s custom, they threw the birthday celebrant up in the air three times…which has happened twice before to him. They then put the person on the ground and as he was getting up….whoosssssh! The bucket of ice water unexpectedly landed on him.

“We’ve always thrown guys up on their birthdays but this year we added the ice bucket since we did the (ALS) Ice Bucket Challenge earlier in the year,” Tommy Moon said. “We got really into that during the summer so we wanted to just throw water on whoever the birthday boy is.”

“Any member of the team has to partake in those happy moments,” Marco said. “The added touch of the Ice Bucket is….refreshing.”

When Coach Marco was asked if the guys could ever throw 2003 alum Mike Hibbert…who was known..for obvious “Hulk,” he was pretty quick in his response.

“No chance. They guys would get injured. As far as I’m concerned, he never had a birthday when he was here.”

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OCTOBER 9, 2014

Family Weekend

For the first time since moving into the Bearcats Sports Complex in 2007, the BU men’s soccer team will be playing at Saturday home game at 1 p.m. The Bearcats’ upcoming game on Saturday has been moved to be part of the Binghamton University Family Weekend Festivities.

“It gives our families who have come into town for the match more time to be with their families after the match,” head coach Paul Marco said. “It should be a great event and we expect a good crowd.”

As of Thursday, the University has sold over 250 tickets to the match against the Wildcats as part of the Family Weekend package.

The Bearcats head into the match with a week off following their 1-0 win over Hartford on Saturday.

“We have had a good week of training,” Marco said. “The intensity has been terrific and we have nearly all of our players back from injuries so it’s been a very good week so far.”

Check out more details on the University’s Family Weekend schedule by clicking the link below:

Binghamton University Family Weekend Website

About Last Week….

In addition to breaking out of its slump last weekend, the Bearcats’ win came against a Hartford squad that was ranked seventh in the NSCAA East Region Poll. This week, the Hawks are No. 10. The complete poll can be found in the link below

NSCAA Northeast Region Poll

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OCTOBER 8, 2014

30 Under 30

For BU assistant coach Nic Rossi, the last year has been one of significant change, both professionally and personally. Last fall, he and his wife Amy welcomed their first child, Stella. At the same time, he was one of 30 college assistant coaches in the nation taking part in the NSCAA’s 30 Under 30 program.

Launched in the summer of 2013, 30 Under 30 is a year-long education and mentorship opportunity for a select few up-and-comers who have made soccer coaching their career of choice. This program was created to support fledgling coaches and foster their growth at a crucial point in their vocation.

More than 350 applicants, all under 30 years old with at least 1-3 years college coaching experience, applied for admission into the program. Rossi was one of 15 men’s coaches chosen. There were also 15 women’s coached selected.

“It was a great experience for me,” he said. “I got to learn from a lot of great mentors and some of the great coaching educators in the country. I got to attend the (NSCAA) National Convention which was very valuable as well.”

Rossi was part of the inaugural class to go through the 30 Under 30 program, something he takes pride in.

“Being the first group to go through the program, I hope we were able to pave the way for this year’s class to have just as good if not an even better experience,” he said.

Before coming to Binghamton in 2012, Rossi had already worked with three collegiate program who were either nationally ranked, or advanced to the NCAA Tournament (Ohio State, Stevens Tech and Brown). He considers his two years at Binghamton to be another significant part of his career.

“I’m very grateful for the trust that (head) Coach (Paul) Marco gives me on a day-to-day basis,” he said. “Being able to work with a great group of young men and point them in the right direction has been invaluable.”

“Nic has been terrific here,” Marco said. “Being able to be part of the 30 Under 30 program was a great way for him to make more contacts in the coaching (profession) and also to interact with colleagues who were in a similar situation as he is.”

While Rossi has been able to coach many young men at Binghamton, the question was posed to him as to when his one-year old daughter will see her first action on the soccer field.

“Stella might be on the U-1 national team,” he said. “She loves the ball and is always running around the house with it.”

“I saw her play one-v-one already against another little one in the hallway here and she was pretty good,” Marco added.

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OCTOBER 7, 2014

Reading List

Slow day on Tuesday, but check out the Pipe Dream’s recap of the win over Hartford.


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OCTOBER 6, 2014

Hartford Recap

It wasn’t the offensive outburst like the games we mentioned on Friday’s post, but BU’s 1-0 win over Hartford put the team back on track as they began conference play on Saturday.

Head Coach Paul Marco

“We got a complete match tonight and I am very happy for our guys. Hartford is a very good team and we did a great job defensively. We got our first goal at home and I am really happy for the guys.”

“To start off conference play 1-0 is outstanding. We got a long road ahead of us and we still have many more matches to play.”

“I thought heading into the game that we had been playing well all year. We have been having great sessions and I really like the guys’ attitudes at training.”

Senior forward Steve Celeste

“Ben (Ovetsky) put a great first cross which went over my head. It dropped right to Derrick who put into the box and I was waiting for it.”

“We knew a goal was coming. We had been working hard and putting in the effort.”

Captain Tommy Moon

“Our coaching staff always does a great job with the scouting report so we knew what to expect tonight. It was a great feeling to be able to come through tonight because it’s been a tough run for us.”

Not Just An Offensive Break Through…

The Bearcat defense had also waited six games…for a shutout. Getting one against a Hartford team that made the conference finals last year was especially satisfying.

“It was a great feeling (to get a shutout),” sophomore back Charlie Novoth said. “We had been giving away some sloppy goals. Hartford was a strong team and we were able to contain him well.”

Thanking the Fans

Other than Celeste’s goal, the most memorable part of Saturday’s game occurred after the final whistle. With most of the crowd still in the standing cheering, the Bearcats made their traditional walk across the field to thank the fans.

“The support the fans have given us this year during our hard run has been great,” Tommy Moon said. “We just wanted to get a win for them and walking across the field afterwards was great.”

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OCTOBER 3, 2014

Breakout Games

Today’s update includes a countdown list of a different sort.

There is no question the Bearcats are in a goal-scoring drought, which has extended through the last six games. There is also no question they have the potential to score, as evidenced by six goals in their first four games. When a team breaks out of a goal-scoring slump, they really break out of it. This has been true for most soccer teams, including Binghamton.

Here then are the top five breakout games we have witnessed during the Bearcats’ Division I era. As always, we call out any Colonial alums to let us know their own memories…which we will post.

5. October 25, 2008

Although the Bearcats had gone 2-2-0 in their previous four games, they had scored only twice during that stretch. The Pipe Dream newspaper even came out with a column warning that their lack of scoring could end their five-year run in the America East finals. Cameron Keith responded by scoring a pair of goals, giving the Bearcats a 2-0 win at home over New Hampshire. From there, Binghamton went on a 3-1-0 run to make their conference-record sixth straight trip to the championship game.


4. September 12, 2010

After three shutout losses to start the season, all against ranked teams, BU fell behind No. 11 Penn State 2-0 early in the match. The Bearcats rallied before losing 4-3. Still, that outburst triggered a 4-0-3 run over the next month.


3. October 23, 2002.

In Coach Marco’s first year at BU, the Bearcats were on a five-game losing skid and had managed just one goal during that stretch. On Senior Day, however, they beat Stony Brook 3-1. Graham Munro converted a pair of penalty kicks in the process. It’s worth noting that all three goals came in a nine-minute span.


2. September 3, 2006

The Bearcats started off the season 0-2-1 and had been shut out twice. Behind a goal and an assist by Cody Germain, the Bearcats rallied for a 4-3 win over Long Island. The Bearcats would go on to sweep both the America East regular-season and post-season titles.


1. October 30, 2011

Through their first seven conference games, the Bearcats had scored only three goals and had gone 0-5-2. In their season finale, they had already been eliminated from postseason contention and faced a Boston University team that was trying to clinch the America East regular-season title. To make matters worse, a freak snowstorm in the local area forced the game to be pushed back a day.

But when the game started, Binghamton erupted for a 5-1 win. Jake Keegan scored two goals and tallied a career-high five points. The Terriers did wind up as the regular-season champions but Binghamton was able to end its season on a very good note.


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OCTOBER 2, 2014

In Case You Missed It

Here the details for the October 11 home game vs. New Hampshire, which includes a post-game clinic and a promotional ticket giveaway, courtesy of SUBWAY.


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OCTOBER 1, 2014

Alumni Update: Phil Grommet

At the conclusion of the BU Men’s Soccer team’s year-end banquet in April 2006, head coach Paul Marco presented the “Bearcat Award.” It is the final award of the banquet each year and in many ways, the most significant. The Bearcat Award goes beyond the stats and individual honors and recognizes a player who represents all of the significant aspects of the BU men’s soccer program.

That night, the award went to Phil Grommet, who was a backup goalkeeper during his four-year career (2002-05). The respect he had gained from the team had no one disputing Coach Marco’s decision.

“Phil was everything we could have asked for,” he said. “His competitive spirit was great. He worked really hard and got himself into fantastic shape. He was a great team player and was very well-liked and respected by the guys.”

Like many of the freshmen who arrived on campus in the fall of 2002, Grommet did not know what to expect. The Bearcats had won only two games the previous year and were only in their second year as a NCAA Division I program.


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