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Guest speaker Mike Green visits BU campus spreading drug and alcohol abuse awareness

More than 400 student-athletes on hand

September 15, 2011

Guest speaker Mike Green visits BU campus spreading drug and alcohol abuse awareness


VESTAL, N.Y.—For well over 20 years, Mike Green has devoted his time to speaking out to college athletes across America. Green’s speaking tour has stretched across 49 states with 2000 plus colleges visited. As a part of Binghamton’s annual education initiative on health and wellness, Green made yet another stop on his tour to speak in front of more than 400 BU student-athletes at the Anderson Center on Monday night.

As the president and founder of Collegiate Consultants, Mike and his employees strive to educate students about the effects of drugs and alcohol consumption on campus. His message is quite simple. Reveal the chilling truths about what these substances can do to an individual and to deliver methods of prevention. Green, who is going on 34 years sober this December, can speak from firsthand experience about the troubles he dealt with and how it can affect not only your athletic career, but also your life.

“As a recovered person, they think if it can happen to Greenie it could happen to anybody,” Green said. “This is a pretty powerful and valuable message that they can take away from the experience.”

Mike Green has been around sports his entire life. He was a standout defensive lineman in his playing days, where he received honors such as All-Pennsylvania Conference and All-State honors. Green even was given a chance to try-out with the Philadelphia Eagles. Later, he served as a high school athletic director and coached football at West Chester University, a Division II athletic program in Pennsylvania.

In 1987, Green was asked to give expert testimony before the United States House of Representatives Select Committee on Narcotics Abuse and Control. Per the request of former New York Knick and Senator Bill Bradley, Mike developed drug and alcohol programs for New Jersey high schools. With all his success, he has been asked to appear on multiple television programs and has been interviewed for multiple higher learning publications. His experience as an educator, administrator, coach and athlete gives him the unique ability to actually reach out to his audience

“Hearing my story impacts these kids because you’re just like them,” Green explained. “You’ve played the sports; you put in the hard work in the weight room and in the classroom just like them. Because I have been through the whole process they can really relate to my message.”

Green’s speaking style can be described as both dynamic and inspiring, but what really stands out is his honesty. He doesn’t sugar coat anything when delivering a speech and that rings true with his audience. Throughout the night, Green displayed his outgoing personality by sharing dozens of stories. Some of these experiences he actually lived through and some he gathered from visiting colleges during many of his speeches. While most had the audience bursting out with laughter, others resulted in gasps and silence leaving the audience in complete shock.

For senior softball player Briana Andrews, this was the second time hearing Green speak. Even so, Andrews still saw it as an extremely positive learning tool. “There is so much damage that can result from abusing drugs and alcohol,” Andrews said. “All these stories, both funny and sad, are instances we can all learn from.”

“There are many ways to grab the attention of an audience,” sprinter and graduate student Cazal Arnett described. “His use of storytelling really was effective and made his message both lasting and memorable.”

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