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Time to Meet the Press

New BU women’s basketball coach Linda Cimino embarks on local media tour

April 22, 2014

Time to Meet the Press

Linda Cimino tries on the headset at the WNBF studio

Photo Gallery of Media Tour

WNBF Radio Interview

WBNG TV Interview

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VESTAL, N.Y. – At the WNBF Studio, Binghamton’s new head women’s basketball coach Linda Cimino was presented with a thawed donut from the Cider Mill. Over at FOX 40, she introduced the weather forecast for Mick Dwyer, the eccentric but popular meteorologist. She did a live interview at WBNG with Travis Eldridge and met with the sports staff of the Pipe Dream newspaper during their production night.

It was all part of a media tour in which the local press got to know the new coach better. That tour will continue with stops at other media outlets in the coming days.

Cimino was introduced as the new Binghamton women’s basketball coach on April 11. If she went over well with the press at the event, she was a huge hit during the media tour.

“Really cool meeting Coach Cimino today,” FOX 40 Sports Reporter Donald Dwyer tweeted afterwards. “Great coach. Great personality and definitely wants the best for Binghamton.”

“Thanks Coach Cimino for coming in today,” Eldridge tweeted. “You are a natural and now I expect you to supply good sound bites for an entire year.”

Here are some highlights from the media tour:

WNBF Radio. Friday, April 18. 8:20 a.m.

Cimino started off with a live, in-studio interview with WNBF Morning Show host Roger Neel, who also announces the Binghamton men’s basketball games. She began by talking about how Binghamton was perceived within college basketball community.

“When I was in the interview process, one of my mentors who is a Division I coach called me and said that this was a no-brainer and that I had to take the job,” she said. “Everybody I’ve talked to said great things about Binghamton and said what a wonderful opportunity it is.”

At the end of the interview, however, Neel surprised Cimino with a donut from the Cider Mill, a place WNBF advertises on his morning show. Neel’s 60-second ads for the place, which is only open in the fall, have been known to turn into two or three-minute monologues.

“This is an official Passing of the Donut ceremony,” Neel said. “The Cider Mill is one of the most incredible places in the world and since it is only open in the fall, my wife freezes their donuts for me so I can have them during the rest of the year…..this donut is guaranteed to have some 20-win seasons.”

“Then can I have a couple of more,” Cimino replied.

FOX 40. Friday. April 18. 3:30 p.m.

Up next for Cimino was a stop at FOX 40, with sports reporters Jeremy Donovan and Donald Dwyer. During the chat in the conference room, she spoke about her approach to learning from others in the business.

“At a lot of recruiting events I’ve been at, many of the young coaches go hang out with the AAU coaches,” she said. “I go to dinner instead with many of the college coaches trying to learn how they do things. I’ve hung around more with people who are older than I am but I have been able to absorb from those talks what it takes to be successful.”

Before leaving FOX 40, Cimino got to provide the introduction to Dwyer’s weather forecast, which is one of the most popular parts of the station’s 6 and 10 p.m. newscasts. After a few takes, she got her introduction down perfectly.

“Hi, this is Linda Cimino, the head women’s basketball coach at Binghamton,” she said. “I came all the way to Binghamton to hear Mick’s forecast. Mick, let’s hear it!”

WNBG TV. Friday. April 18. 5:30 p.m.

The final stop of a busy Friday was WBNG TV, for a live interview with Eldridge during the station’s 5:30 p.m. newscast. She was asked on the air about her approach to recruiting, especially from the local area.

“Definitely if there’s talent in this area that is skilled enough and can compete at this level and have the academics to get into Binghamton, we’re going to go after them,” said Cimino. “Playing in front of your hometown they can be a hero around here and fill the Events Center. So I’m looking forward to communicating and talking with the local coaches and building a relationship and developing that.”

In the hour before her interview, some WBNG staffers stopped by the conference room where she and Eldridge were going over questions to say hello. This included longtime 6 p.m. anchor Candace Chapman.

Pipe Dream Student Newspaper. Monday. 7 p.m.

Cimino arrived around 7 p.m. in the Pipe Dream offices, as the staff was in the middle of its production for the next day’s issue. She met with four members of the sports staff as the crew was waiting on pizza’s to be delivered.

They asked her about her work-ethic, which other college coaches stated was a strong point.

“I have gotten a lot of it from my mother,” Cimino said. “My father was a police officer and was killed in the line of duty when I was five. My mom had to then work two jobs to support five kids and I saw that and took after that.”

As the interview ended 30 minutes later, the delivery crew from the pizza place was making its way into the Pipe Dream offices.

“Hey guys,” Cimino said. “You should go get your pizza.”

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