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Women’s Tennis downs Seton Hall 5-2 in weekend’s finale

Bearcats (2-1) bounce back with pair of victories

February 5, 2012

Women’s Tennis downs Seton Hall 5-2 in weekend’s finale

West Point, NY—

The Binghamton women’s tennis squad picked up their second straight victory this weekend with a 5-2 triumph over Seton Hall in West Point, NY Sunday morning. The Beacats (2-1) bounced back after a 5-2 loss Friday to Army with strong performances over both Sacred Heart and Seton Hall in the first weekend of spring action.

Seniors Jillian Santos and Marina Bykovskaya paced BU with three singles wins and a pair of victories on the doubles court. Santos, who now has 79 career singles wins, played at the No. 1 singles spot all weekend culminating in a 7-6, 6-3 victory over SHU’s top singles competitor. Sophomore Jennifer Fridman and freshman Katherine Medianik also had strong showings this weekend, as they combined for a pair of singles and doubles w’s.

For second year head coach Libby McGovern, the pair of victories is an encouraging start to the 2012 spring campaign. “We take each match day by day and focus on the present”, McGovern said. “Although we started our season with a loss, we were able to learn from it and take those lessons into our next two matches to come back with wins.”

After being swept in all doubles matches against Army, BU bounced back by winning all six doubles pairings in the next two matches. On the year, Binghamton is 42-47 (.472) in doubles matches. BU returns to action as they hit the road to take on Ivy League member Columbia (2-0) on Friday afternoon.

2/5/12: Binghamton 5, Seton Hall 2

Santos/Hollander, Bing def Sher/Portela, SHU 8-7(7-4)
Leibowicz/Fridman, Bing def Verow/Shoemaker, SHU 8-4
Bykovskaya/Medianik, Bing def Kilarsky/Cordero, SHU 8-5

Santos, Bing def Sher, SHU 7-6(7-4),6-3
Verow, SHU def Hollander, bing 6-4,6-2
Fridman, Bing def Shoemaker, SHU 6-3,6-4
Bykovskaya, Bing def Cordero, SHU 6-4,6-3
Medianik, Bing def Guryonova, SHU 6-4,6-3
Rodriguez, SHU def Leibowicz, bing 6-2,6-3

2/4/12: Binghamton 6, Sacred Heart 1

Santos/Hollander, Bing def Kaldan/Rydzewski, SHU 8-5
Leibowicz/Fridman, Bing def Chao/Downing, SHU 8-4
Bykovskaya/Medianik, Bing def Legenza/Tooley, SHU 8-2

Santos, Bing def Kaldan, SHU 6-1,6-4
Rydzewski, SHU def Hollander, Bing 4-6,7-5,11-9
Fridman, Bing def Chao, SHU 6-4,6-3
Bykovskaya, Bing def Downing, SHU 6-0,6-0
Medianik, Bing def Legenza, SHU 6-0,6-0
Edelblum, Bing def Tooley, SHU 6-1,6-0

2/3/12: Binghamton 2, Army 5

D. Taylor/E. Taylor, Army def Santos/Hollander, Bing 8-1
Colton/Paul, Army def Leibowicz/Fridman, Bing 8-3
Lliev/Riney, Army def Bykovskaya/Medianik, Bing 8-5

Santos, bing def Colton, Army 6-4,4-6,5-5(7-3)
Paul, Army def Hollander, Bing 7-5,6-3
Lliev, Army def Fridman, Bing 6-3,6-4
Bykovskaya, Bing def D. Taylor, Army 6-3,6-2
E. Taylor, Army def Medianik, Bing 7-6(7-0),6-4
Allen, Army def Leibowicz, Bing 6-0,6-0



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