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Wrestler Goeres making the most of senior season, college experience

Senior wrestler Anwar Goeres has had a complete college experience, enjoying a stellar wrestling career and also juggling two jo

February 11, 2011

Wrestler Goeres making the most of senior season, college experience

Senior wrestler Anwar Goeres has had a complete college experience, enjoying a stellar wrestling career and also juggling two jobs, an internship and classes. Goeres is a reigning conference champion and NCAA qualifier who is ranked No. 1 at 141 pounds in the Colonial Athletic Association. His journey at Binghamton has included great personal growth and his legacy will be one of quiet intensity, mental strength, achievement and above all, kind-heartedness, and loyalty.

What your goals and expectations for your final collegiate season?
My goals have stayed the same since the beginning of the season. I want to top everything I accomplished last season and I want to place at nationals (top 8). I’ve been training for this my whole life and just going to the NCAA tourney makes you want to go back that much more.

You had to battle through an injury earlier this season. How difficult is it co compete with pain and injuries, especially in such a physical sport like wrestling where even practices are physically taxing?
It’s pretty tough coming back from injury but it just means I have to practice harder so I can learn my limits and each practice learn how to get past that so I can be healthy for the end of the season.

You started out at Lock Haven University. What influenced your decision to transfer to Binghamton after your freshman year?
I just wasn’t happy with Lock Haven ... though I met a lot of great people and I still talk to them. I liked the coaching staff here and they were straight forward with me about the rules and what they expected from team members. Another thing I liked was that I already knew a lot of people in the Binghamton area. Other positive things were I was only an hour from my high school coaches and only about two and a half hours from my parents. So if I ever needed anything they were just a short trip away.

Last year you made a big jump in terms of your success on the mat, capturing the conference title and reaching the NCAAs. How has your wrestling improved over the years and what have you learned as you progress in the sport?
I think most of all I grew and matured a lot. I learned how to lose weight and still eat well and I learned how to manage my time better. I have also learned that wrestling is a lot like life ... you never know what’s going to happen and you always need to be prepared. You can always keep learning from wrestling.

How special was last season’s championship run for the team and getting six guys to the NCAA Championship? What are the team goals for this season?
Last season was amazing and it was awesome to see all the team’s hard work pay off. It was even better to look up in the stands and see all the Binghamton fans and alumni there at NCAAs to cheer us on. I belive our goals have always been clear ... we want to be the best and have a strong starting team of 10 guys who want to be national champs. We want to win the CAAs again but have 10 champs. Then move into nationals and have guys place.

What elements of wrestling do you think most people don’t know or appreciate?
I think the number one thing people don’t appreciate would have to be the discipline that we wrestlers go maintain. We are a team that trains year-round and that’s why I think we have made such big strides. Overall wrestling is a tough sport, but you have to pick up things as you go. It took me a while to figure out what was best for me.

When did you begin wrestling? Who have been some of the role models or mentors you’ve had in the sport?
I began wrestling when I was six because my brother came home from school one day and said he wanted to wrestle. So like any little brother I wanted to do it as well. I ended up loving wrestling but when I look back now I never imagined the places it has taken me. As for role models, I have a lot, most importantly my mom and dad, and my brother and sister. Other key role models would have to be my high school coaches Gene Mills and Tim Boda and the rest of the coaches I have had along my journey.

Did you play any other sports growing up?
Like any other young child I played almost every sport - soccer, tennis, track, football, but I wasn’t as motivated in those sports as I was for wrestling. Also in high school I used sports like soccer and track as a way to keep in shape for wrestling.

Your major is human development…how did you choose it and what are your career aspirations?
I kind of jumped around with my major. I started off at Lock Haven with physical education, then came to Binghamton as undecided, then to history. My only problem with history was that I found myself bored. Then I read about human development and I liked the fact that is was hands-on classes. I want to work a job that’s hands-on and where I can make a difference.

Talk about your work at Magic Paintbrush. What do you enjoy about it? How much personal satisfaction do you get interacting with the kids and making a difference?
I started volunteering last year after the NCAA’s and enjoyed it. It was nice to just help out with little things. Then I decided to do my internship there because I liked the environment and the people. I have been around children with special needs my whole life. My older sister is mentally handicapped so it is easy to relate with some of the children. When I look at some of the clients who participate in the program I don’t really see anything wrong with them. You see the smiles on the kids’ faces and how happy they are. You can get a lot from participating at the Paintbrush but it’s just nice to learn how to interact with every client and watch them achieve the smallest goals.

What other activities and hobbies do you like to participate in?
I like to just hang out with friends, go to the movies, play other sports, and play with my puppy.

You have a hectic schedule. What jobs are you working now? What are your career goals after graduation?
I have found that if I stay busy it helps me focus and stay on point. I wrestle at a Division I school, work two jobs, work at my internship, and go to school. This is pretty tough, but I did this last year and it worked out great for me and so far this year it has also been working out well. I work 12 hours a week at Old Navy in the mornings (5:30-9:30 a.m.) and also work at a new gym called Riverwalk Athletic Club in Downtown Binghamton for about 10 hours a week at night. I’m putting in 120 hours this semester at Magic Paintbrush, so that’s at least 10 hours a week, even though I will continue to volunteer there after my internship ends. I will be looking for a full-time job but will continue to work at Old Navy and the gym throughout the summer along with working multiple wrestling camps. I want to keep my options open and see what’s out there in today’s job market. It will be a battle to find a good job but I will be ready for it, I believe. I want to coach and I want to be involved with wrestling whether it is college, high school or clubs.

What do you like most about the university and your experience here- academically, socially and as a student-athlete?
Overall, I have had a really good experience at Binghamton. I like how we get support from everyone in the athletic department and many professors are starting to show interest in the teams. It is also nice that we get support from other athletic teams.

Are you feeling nostalgic yet about going through your final wrestling season? What will you miss the most about the sport and your time on the team here?
I’m kind of taking everything a day at a time. I want to enjoy this year in terms of school, wrestling, and my teammates. I’m not really sure what I will miss most about wrestling. It’s crazy to think that the season will be over in a few months, but it’s a part of growing up I guess. As for the team, I know that they will do great in the future, and if I miss it too much I may just have to come back to a few practices and matches.

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