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Baseball captain Lukuszewski putting imprint on program's success

Lukaszewski Senior catcher and team captain C.J. Lukaszewski has played an integral role in his team's record-breaking success in the last three seasons. From an historic first NCAA tournament berth and win in 2009 to three straight America East regular season titles, Lukaszewski's career has coincided with the vaulting of BU's baseball program up among the top teams in the Northeast.

When and why did you start playing baseball?
I have been playing baseball ever sense I was a little kid. My parents got me into it when I was young and I have loved to play ever since.

What made you decide to play the catcher position?
I decided to become a catcher because the catcher is always involved. I like being able to see the whole field and always see what's going on.

Who inspired you to play baseball growing up?
The people who inspired me to play baseball were my family, teammates, and coaches. All have played a huge role in my success.

What other sports did you play as a youngster?
I played basketball and bowling.

What do you like most about baseball as opposed to other sports?
I liked baseball because I was much better at it than any other sport. Baseball came easy to me and I love the strategy and excitement of the game.

Being a catcher, what is your role?
My role is to work and communicate with the pitching staff and at the same time help lead the position players. As a catcher I can see the whole field, so I need to direct and communicate with the team about what's going on.


How hard is it balancing school work and baseball during the season?
It's difficult because we are always on the road traveling and playing games. During the season we need to make sure that we manage our time effectively and try to stay on top of our school work. It's an adjustment but the veterans have been through it and we try to help the new guys make sure they stay on the right track.

How do you feel about graduating in May?
It's bittersweet. I am glad that I am graduating from a great university but I am definitely going to miss my friends, teammates, and the good times I had here.

What is the best memory you have had playing for Binghamton?
Going to the NCAA regionals.

How great does it feel being a part of a team that has won four consecutive America East regular season titles?
It's an awesome feeling. Not many teams have done that and it is a great feeling to know that I have been a part of something special here at Binghamton. Hopefully, this year we can make it five years in a row, which will make it even more special.


How much have the coaches helped you at Binghamton?
I could not even begin to tell you how much my coaches have helped me over the past four years. They have helped me on and off the field. They have helped me not only grow as a baseball player, but also as an individual. I owe a lot of my success to them and I could not thank them enough.

How does it feel playing for a coach that has been named the conference's coach of the year four times in the last six years?
It has been a privilege to play under Coach Sinicki for the past four years. He is a tremendous coach both on and off the field. He is always there to help and support us when we need him. On the field, he is the best coach I have ever played for. He has tremendous knowledge of the game and I think the way our program has progressed demonstrates that.

How do you feel about the new baseball complex that is being built the year after you are graduated?
I am kind of bummed because I won't be here to play on it but I think it's going to be an awesome facility that is long overdue. With the new facility, we will be able to accommodate more fans and give the team the chance to play on a state-of-the-art facility that will make for much better playing conditions and make us that much better.

What are some things you want to change or improve this season?
I want to continue to get better both defensively and offensively. Most importantly I want to win our conference and get back to the NCAA regionals.

How does it feel to be a captain for the second year in a row?
It is an honor and a privilege to be the captain and leader of the team. I thank my coaches for giving me this role and trusting me with the ability to make the right decisions both on and off the field.

What do you hope to accomplish this season?
This season we want to win our fifth straight regular season title, win the America East Conference Tournament, and get back to the NCAA regionals.

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