Binghamton 83
Albany 72
January 6, 2007, Vestal, N.Y.

Head Coach Al Walker

On the game:

"I was very pleased today with how we bounced back from the UMBC game. Hopefully this game will show us how important it is to play defense. Mike Gordon played really well for us he's only had a few turnovers in the past couple games and Jaan Montgomery did a great job for us defensively today."

On the absence of Albany head coach Will Brown:

"I think it has to be a little unsettling, especially for the older players, to know that Will is not there to help them. Eric's a great coach, Pat (Filien) is a great coach. That staff has been together there a long time now. But, the impression that I have is that they're a very close-knit basketball team. I think Will is a great coach. Without having Will, I thought would give them an emotional lift. I don't think it helped not having Will there."

Acting Head Coach Eric Eaton

On the game:

"We got down by a bunch of points and that made it tough for us and we weren't able to come back against a good Binghamton team."

On Binghamton's mid-game run:

"At the end of the first half and beginning of the second half we didn't do a good job defending. Rich Forbes did a great job of driving on us and Binghamton did a good job on the offensive boards."

Jamar Wilson

On the game:

"We played stagnant at times, didnt talk enough and weren't on the same page defensively and that hurt us against a very tough Binghamton team. "

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