Men's Basketball Post-Game Quote Sheet
Boston University 69, Binghamton 53
February 29, 2004

Coach Al Walker...

On whether the game was bigger for Boston U. than for Binghamton:

"Today was Senior Day in front of a packed house. There is no way that there was more at stake for Boston University than for the Binghamton Bearcats. There isn't anyone can say that the boys from Binghamton didn't come out and play with everything they had. That's really important. There was everything at stake in this game for Binghamton."

On playing Boston University in the last game before the conference tournament:

"I don't need to play Boston University to know how good they are. They're the class of the league and for 17 minutes we were right there. Maybe if we had made some more free throws and not given them a window at the end of the first half, who knows what might have happened.

On Brett Watson:

"Brett has been here four years and there hasn't been a single day that he didn't bust his tail in practice. He always puts the team first and he makes each of his teammates around him that much better. Brett has the gift of perseverance, and that is going to make him a winner and a successful man in whatever he does."

On Brandon Carter:

"Brandon is the heart and soul of this team. He is my superhero. Everytime Brandon Carter steps out on the floor I think we have a chance to win. He is the best leader and captain I have ever been associated with. It has been a pleasure and an honor for me to coach both of our seniors."

Brett Watson...

On the fan support:

"I want to thank the fans for their support. They have been amazing all four years that I have been here, not just since we moved to the Events Center. I'm disappointed we couldn't get a win in the last game, but the fans have been great."

On the missed free throws by Binghamton:

"Free throw shooting is kind of contagious. When you start missing a few shots, it's tough to go up there and start making them drop. The opposite effect happened for Boston University today. They made their free throws at the beginning of the game and just took care of it after that."

On Boston University:

"It's pretty amazing at any level to win 22 out of 23 games like Boston University has. We gave it everything we had today, but it's too bad we couldn't get a win."

On Boston University's three-point shooting:

"It disheartening when they make so many three-pointers, but if it comes down to them making contested shots from long range or banging it inside for easy layups, I'd rather see them stick contested shots. You have to give them a lot of credit for knocking down their shots."

On today's game:

"We approach every game the same way. Playing Boston and playing our final home game would be special no matter where we were playing. When we step on the floor next week it will be a new season and we'll be ready to go."

Brandon Carter...

On his two years at Binghamton:

"The best part of the experience for me has been hanging around the guys. It was a tough game but there's still a brand new season left in the conference tournament. Even though it was a tough loss, you just have to move on to the next game. I'm ready to play."

On Binghamton's missed free throws:

"We just couldn't knock our free throws down. For the game, the turnovers were even and free throws were the difference in the game. It's a tough spot to be in. There's no comparison to shooting them in practice and then making them in game situations with a lot of pressure. There's no way to practice shooting in game situations."

On today's game:

"It would have been a big game no matter what. We played hard but just came up short. It's tough, but we're ready to go next week in the conference tournament. It's up for grabs."

Nick Billings...

On scoring the first six points of the game:

"You could tell I was juiced at the beginning of the game. It was Senior Day and these guys have been my brothers. I wanted to give them everything I had today. At the start of the game my shots started going down. But then there were some bad plays and I felt like I couldn't even hit the rim. I wanted to give it all I could for the seniors, but it just wasn't enough today. Hopefully we will be able to get it done in the conference tournament next week."

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