Binghamton 57
Cornell 56
November 25, 2006, Vestal, N.Y. (Events Center)

Head Coach Al Walker

On the game:

"Today was a great college basketball game. Both teams played great and were fighting hard for the win and we were very fortunate to come out on top."

On the team's play:
"I'm very proud of all our guys today, especially Lazar Trifunovic and Troy Hailey who both had big games for us today."

Richard Forbes, Junior Guard

On Cornell's play:
"They did a great job of using the shot clock. Most of their shots were with under 10 seconds on the shot clock which made it tough because we played 35 seconds on defense then came down and took a quick shot and then had to play defense for another 35 seconds."

Troy Hailey, Senior Guard

On the team's defense:

"Our team really stresses defense, we really tried to lock down and we were able to do that and win the game today."

On his play:
"I always want to be the go-to guy and have the ball in my hands during crunch time. I want that pressure on me every game."

Coach Steve Donahue

On the game:

"I thought we played a terrific game, Binghamton's guards defended us very closely but I thought we worked around it and got off some good shots."

On the final play:
"We got the ball in Brian Kreefer's hands which is where we wanted it to be. I thought he made a great play but unfortunately the shot didn't go in."

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