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BU-Duke Postgame Quotes

Head Coach Kevin Broadus

On what the team will take from playing in the NCAAs...

"What we take from this is that we're getting better. We know we belong here. We have to keep getting better. We have to keep working. Now that we have that bulls-eye on our back, teams are going to be gunning for us next year and we can't take anyone for granted. We have to step up and make ourselves better, more so than anything else. The off-season is when you get better, you don't wait until the next year."

On taking this teams' success into next year...

"Well, like I said, the off-season guys got to put a lot of time into the weight room... and individual workouts. The new guys next year, the older guys have to be better leaders. Now they know what to expect, and they've got to make sure these guys that are coming in will be ready for the task."

Junior guard D.J. Rivera
On what the team can take from making the NCAAs...

"This is a great year for us. It was a learning process. Like you said, it was our first trip to the NCAA Tournament. It was a great experience. Me and my team just took all the good out of it, and learned from our mistakes and things like that. Hopefully we'll be back here next year."

Senior forward Reggie Fuller
On his Binghamton career coming to an end...

Well, I gave it a good run the two years I was at the school. Like Coach Broadus said, you have to go out sometime, and luckily we went out to a good team, a good university."

Duke Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski
On D.J. Rivera and Binghamton...

"Rivera was a big emphasis for us, the biggest. He's a hungry scorer. He has a passion to score. And [Emanuel] Mayben does too. Those two guys are good. That's why they were at higher majors before. They chose an outstanding school [in Binghamton] and they're champions.

I told our team in preparation for this that this team was a championship team that we're playing. Regular season and tournament. So they were winners. That's what makes this tournament so exciting is that more than half the teams that are participating in the NCAA Tournament are champions. They've won a league and their conference tournament. This team personified that. They have a lot of pride."

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