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Quotes from Binghamton men's basketball media day

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Interim Head Coach Mark Macon

"It seems like every day adds a year to your life when you are a head coach ... I am honored to be in this position to head our team in the right direction. Success is but a narrow door that we have to walk through together.

"Every day will be battle toward success for this team. We have six new walk-ons who are working tremendously hard every day. Our guys come out every morning and every day and give me everything they have. We demand that we be successful - and that's our goal - to keep taking steps and getting better on a daily basis.

"I am mentored by one of the best (Former Temple coach John Chaney) and keep moving in a positive direction. I've always been a leader and a coach, not always just in basketball. I always remember what my mom said - 'There's nothing you can't do'. My expectations are always going to stay high. Our coaching staff is tight-knit and we rally around each other. I have to use my coaching staff and their experience.

"We're trying to put the pieces together and put guys in positions to be successful. Our guys are playing well together but we are young and are still learning. We only have three guys who played significant minutes last year. Those guys are pulling everbody together."

Junior guard Chretien Lukusa

"Not a lot of things are different with Coach Macon. He brings the same energy to practice and he is the same voice I've heard in my ear since my freshman season.

"We have good chemistry. We are having fun in the locker room and working hard on the court. We are still trying to find our identity as a team with the new guys."

"I'm looking forward to seeing what I can do when my number is called. I have to increase my leadership skills - not just be a vocal leader but lead to example. I need to play hard and do my part and hopefully the other players will do the same. Everyone has to come in with the mindset that nothing is set. We have to step up our intensity and earn our spots.

"We have to keep up our defense. We took a lot of hits on offense so we have to rely on our defense and believe in ourselves.

"We have a solid bunch of guys who can play and are still optimistic about this season. Everyone has been supportive of us. We are champions until someone takes it from us. We are looking forward to defending our title and giving it all we have to bring it back to Binghamton."

Junior guard Moussa Camara

"We are looking forward to the season. We are staying focussed and are really excited... Coach Macon is a great coach who will do good this year. It's a different voice but the coaches and practices are the same... After what happened we feel we're still the champs but we're going to have to work a lot harder."

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