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Quotes from Binghamton Men's and Women's Lacrosse Preseason Media Day

Men's Head Coach Ed Stephenson

"We have a relatively experienced group this year. We have a lot of seniors and juniors in key positions. I guess looking from the outside, there are a couple of polls that have us picked a little lower this year. I certainly understand that. We haven't played particularly well the past two years compared to the previous few years and we lost a couple of older guys. But we also got a lot of (veterans) who have played a lot for us such as Griffin McLouglin and Derrick Danieu on the defensive end. We have some real key guys at the offensive end such as Steve Carlson and Andy Cook-two seniors and Frank Donlon, a junior along with Drew Wichmann, a senior and just a host of really experienced guys. I like our leadership and our experience. Our athleticism is probably the best that it ever has been."

"We are poised and ready to get going with the season. We play a very good team in Colgate for our opening game this weekend. Colgate has had an RPI of 11th the past couple of years."

"Our conference has gotten better and better every year and this season is no different. The America East has made lacrosse a priority and all of the teams are being funded at a higher level and its showing on the field with the success of UMBC and Albany (as well as) teams coming up like Stony Brook, Hartford, us and Vermont."

Senior midfielder Andy Cook

"We are really excited for the season to get started. Fall ball went great and everyone has been working harder and getting better so we have a lot to look forward to."

"The experience (factor) for us is good this year. We have two seniors and a junior starting at first midfield. This is a really fast and quick team which is something we have never had in the past. (In previous years), we had a couple of quick guys but now the whole team is fast."

Senior attack Jeff Rurey

"Our offense has really been clicking lately and our defense has been coming along. This year, I think we will have a lot of balance between our offense and defense."

"As a team, everyone gets along and works well together. We are passing the ball well and know where each other is at all times. It's been fun to watch."

Women's Head Coach Tony Zostant

"Our biggest challenge is our youth. We have a young team but they are working well and the chemistry really coming together."

"We are down to some last-minute things (before the season starts). Our offense is set. I think we are really solid defensively. Our sets for defense are in and I think the kids understand them."

"Like every other America East team our goals are the same--to improve every day and beating our competitors to make it to the America East Conference Tournament."

"We hope to make strides but we do have the toughest schedule (in our program's history). We have a very competitive out-of-conference schedule that will help us get ready for conference games."

Senior Midfielder Erika Travis

"We're really young but we have a really good group of girls coming in. We are all really pumped up for our first game. A big challenge is with our early with our non-conference schedule but (it) will get us ready for conference games"

"This is the most athletic we have ever been. We have great speed, great height and girls that have a passion for the game."

Junior Midfielder Beth Moore

"We are very anxious to start our season. We have been counting down the days, and we keep that number in our head when we practice."

"Playing these hard teams early will absolutely help us. It will test our minds, our fitness and it will be a great opportunity to see how well we are (progressing)."

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