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Quotes from Binghamton Men's and Women's Preseason Media Day

Men's Head Coach Paul Marco

"Everyone came in yesterday and we had a good day of meetings. The guys were impressive this morning in training so we are off to a good start. We are excited."

On last year's season-ending loss in the America East finals

"It was on our minds during the offseason but during yesterday's meetings, we only spent about five minutes backtracking to last season. We spent most of the time preparing for today and for what is ahead of us. I think good things are ahead."

On the state of the team as preseason begins:

"We have some work to do between now and when the season starts but the players are certainly looking ready and eager. Everybody has high hopes now. The core of our group has set a high standard so we'll see how things go."

On the expectations for the season:

"We are still working on where we think we can get with this group. Each year we have tried to increase the level of play and the expectations and the results kind of take care of themselves. I would say that the potential of the group is very high. We've got some guys who have been on our team for many years so if you are look on paper for what the expectations are--I would say they are high. I'd like to think that the growth of our program will have us playing in late November."

On the team's leadership:

"We have had very good leaders on this team and that started when we had Stephen Bruce (2002-04) and Graham Munro (2002-05). Those two and Kyle Antos (2002-06) really helped improve our team and get us going in the right direction. Since then, I think the growth has been expected. It didn't matter if you were a senior or a junior, you've been expected to encourage others to do the right thing. We are continuing to see that going on right now."

Women's Head Coach Sarah McClellan

"Our staff and I have been preparing all summer for preseason so we couldn't wait until the girls got on campus so we could get them out training and get them playing right away."

On the importance of preseason:

"The biggest thing for us during preseason is that we really need our players to gel. We need them to learn what each other's tendencies are and that way they are going to be able to read other during a game and break down defenses."

On the mindset of the team:

"We are taking it one game at a time. We open up against UMass (Aug. 24). We want to get off to a good start because we are hosting them on this field. The girls are going to be pumped to play. Everyone is excited for the season to start and we are looking to competing in every game."

On her role as a first-year head coach:

"We are adjusting some things and making sure we are highlighting the strengths of all of our players and that each player understands their role on the field. That's really what is most important in our system--that everyone understands what their role is and does the best of their ability to achieve their role in the system that we are playing. We are organizing and communicating with each other so that we can put the best team out on the field."

On the team's progress so far:

"So far, the players have done a great job in working hard and building each other up during practice. A couple of the new kids have picked things up quickly and our players are going to be committed to each other. We are going to win games as a team this year."

Men's senior midfielder Justin Leskow

"We are really looking forward to this year. We got a bunch of seniors coming back and a good core group. Everybody came back fit and we are ready to get started."

On having a lot of veterans on the team

"Experience is a key. Over the past couple of years, we have learned to play with each other and that's big in soccer. Hopefully this year, we will be able to build on that and learn each other's game a little more and that will help propel us even further than last year."

Men's junior goalkeeper Jason Stenta

"I think this team can be great if we apply ourselves and keep working hard. We only lost two starters from last year so we have a lot of guys returning. If the newcomers do their part than I think we should have another good team."

On how he hopes to improve his game this season:

"I need to step my communication up a little bit more this year. I want to be more vocal in telling the defense when players are coming. As the keeper, I'm the eyes in the backfield and I am able to see everything."

Men's senior midfielder Barry Neville

"Everybody has come in fit and are motivated to improve (upon) last season. I can't wait to get going. The sooner we get our first game in, the better."

Women's junior goalkeeper Jen McEachron

"Everybody is really excited and we are looking forward to starting off the season. We've all brought a lot of energy to preseason and it's been really good so far."

On team's transition to first-year head coach Coach McClellan's system:

"We are all adjusting together and everyone is working together with the new staff. It's been a really good adjustment so far and we looking to carry our energy into the season."

On the goals of the team this season:

"We obvioulsly want to improve our record from last year and I think we can do that because we are coming together as a team. We want to do better in conference. Everyone on the team wants to move upwards with everything."

Women's senior midfielder Kelly Haslinger

"We are looking forward to a fresh start this year. We want to focus on the here and now and get prepared for the season and do well. We are working a lot on our technical fitness, overall fitness and conditioning."

Women's junior back Nicole Montoya

"We are a brand new team. We are really young and have a lot to look forward to this year."

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