OT2 Period Play-by-Play

  Bucknell vs. Binghamton
  Date: Oct 30, 2012 • Site: Vestal, N.Y.

OT2 Period Play-by-Play
 Start of OT2 period [100:00].
 Corner kick by BING [102:01].
 Corner kick by BING [102:19].
[102:34]  Shot by BING Moon, Tommy HIGH.
 Foul on Bucknell.
[104:42]  Shot by BUCKNELL Ward, Brian, SAVE Frantelizzi, Stefano.
[105:31]  Shot by BUCKNELL Leibensperger, Mark HIGH.
[105:46]  BING substitution: Nicholson, Ben for Forbes, Jamie.
[107:28]  Shot by BUCKNELL Thorsheim, Chris, SAVE Frantelizzi, Stefano.
 Foul on Bucknell.
[109:51]  Shot by BING Celeste, Steven, SAVE Fox, Clarke.
 Corner kick by BING [109:58].
 End of period [110:00].