2009 Binghamton Softball Up-Close Player Profiles

#7 Senior center fielder Sandy Meadows
Meadows Bio

Throughout the 2009 season, Binghamton softball players will be featured in up-close player profiles that will seek to provide in-depth information and insight that goes beyond the press releases and media guide.

Favorite professional athlete I like Tiger Woods, he's calm but very intense.

The reason why I wear my jersey number: I needed a number for high school and the first thing that came to mind was 7. Nobody had worn that number and so I was able to embody it. Luckily the same thing happened at Binghamton.

My biggest athletic thrill: Diving for the first time in center field.

Most memorable BU moment: The tournament in Florida my freshman year.

Pre-game rituals: I have a specific order I need to get dressed in the morning.

My pregame superstition: Well it's not my superstition, but I partake in it: Michelle Olivieri and I split a king size Butterfinger right before we start a game.

Favorite sports movie: The Sandlot and 8 Seconds.

Most famous person ever met: Jessica Mendoza.

Most people don't know this about me but: I want platinum blonde hair.

My best non-athletic talent: Dancing….no I wish! People tell me I'm good at listening and mediating.

What's on my TV: FRIENDS.

Who had the greatest impact on my life: God always finds a way to make my life interesting and worthwhile. My family, immediate and extended, also always helps keep me on the right track.

What do you see yourself doing after Binghamton: Graduate school, ultimately getting a job working with newborns and toddlers needing physical therapy.

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