2009 Binghamton Softball Up-Close Player Profiles

#21 Senior infielder/outfielder Michelle Olivieri
Olivieri Bio

Throughout the 2009 season, Binghamton softball players will be featured in up-close player profiles that will seek to provide in-depth information and insight that goes beyond the press releases and media guide.

Most memorable BU moment: Playing against UMBC and getting what seemed to be every other ball playing left field (for one of the first times) and being able to get the job done.

My pregame superstition: Wearing my purple Under Armour head band, it was splitting a Butterfinger before every game with some teammates but this year it will have to be something different… Butterfingers are too bad for you.

My first memory of softball: Standing in left field at age 5 playing with the flowers watching the ball fly over my head.

What is your favorite part about your sport: It keeps me in shape (besides that it's what I love).

Pre-game ritual: Talk to my parents right before the game, Stretch with Kolo on the fence, Have a motivational talk with Sandy for our "game plan," Get in a circle as a team and do a pump-up chant.

The reason why I wear my jersey number: 13 wasn't available at the time and I just turned 21 that year so I chose that number.

My biggest athletic thrill: Winning the State Championship when I played 10 & under Little League in North Carolina

What do you see yourself doing after Binghamton: Continue on to get my masters.

Childhood idol: MacGyver.

My best non-athletic talent: Cooking.

Favorite sports movie: Miracle.

Growing up I pretended I was: Storm from X-Men.

Who had the greatest impact on my life: My family, I am who I am today because of them.

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