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Week 3 - Sept. 11-12, 2009

During the Binghamton volleyball preseason tournament schedule, a different Bearcat will be writing a weekend blog discussing life as a BU student-athlete and insights to behind-the-scene action.

The third installment was penned by senior Julia Vint.

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No traveling for us, our most anticipated tournament was underway this weekend. We were about to host our very own preseason tournament which we've been trying to do for a couple years now. We had shaken off the hardships of last weekend and were eager and excited to play.

We have a tradition of changing the sign on our locker room door every year before our first home match. This year it was a team effort. We all aren't the most artistic people in the world, but I think it turned out surprisingly well.

At home before our matches we blast music in the locker room while we get ready. Dancing like crazy (and I mean we look like we are crazy) and practicing our "she wolf" cries, we got pumped for our game.

With streamers draped across the ceiling (which always fall down despite our best efforts), we gathered around our coaches in our locker room before our first match. With a "Bearcats Ohh" around coaches fist pump and a slap on our hand prints above our door we ran up to the gym ready to come out strong.

Come out strong we did. Winning our first home match of the season was a big confidence booster for us. Every year we create a mission statement and a set of goals we want to accomplish as a team and this year one of our goals was to win our home tournament. We were one step closer to accomplishing that goal.

We had a great turnout of fans who really helped us get excited. It was nice to see the community, family members, and other athletic teams who always make an effort to come and support us back in the stands. Home games wouldn't be the same with out them. Thank you so much to those whom I just mentioned your support means the world to us.

The second day was a lot like our opener. We were a little more tired, but we managed to keep pushing until we won both our matches and therefore the tournament!

One goal is now crossed off our list for the season and we are hoping to cross off another this weekend as we head over to Army.

Go Bearcats!
Hulia (as my teammates call me)

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