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Quotes from Binghamton women's basketball media day

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Head Coach Nicole Scholl

"We are excited for this season. We got a good nucleus of returners and a few freshmen. We had a good ending to our season last year and we hope to build on it this coming season."

"Right now, we have a lot of experience at the guard positions. At the post position, we have some experience back but with the loss of Laura Franceski, that is someone we are going to have to replace. But I know we got the talent to do that."

"Transition and defense are definitely going to be our strengths this year. I thought at the end of last season, we really started picking those parts of our game up."

"Andrea (Holmes) was great last season being a freshman and taking on that point guard role. It was not an easy situation and I thought she handled it really well. I feel like this year, she is going to have more support than what she had last year with the guard play we have. I really feel like we are six-deep in the guard positions."

"Right now, we are off to a good start and I think that team chemistry is a big part of that. The 12 players that we have on the team--I see them gelling and practicing well together. They are really taking pride in the fact that they have each other's back. Their goals are set high. We have been in that 4-5 (conference tournament) game for (five) years now and the players think it is time to make a change."

Junior guard Jackie Ward

"Overall, we have a lot of talent this year. Last year, we had two girls who were redshirting and they are back. We (also) have two incoming freshmen who are really going to help us. We have four returning starters. Staying focused and staying consistent through the whole season is going to help us."

"Andrea is the type of person who can be put in any type of situation and she will excel. She will push the boundaries. Everything we expect of her, she does more than that. She raises the level of everyone's play day in and day out."

"I definitely think we will take that next step under Coach Scholl. She is a great coach. We love having her as the head coach. She teaches us everything."

"We lost Laura Franceski who was a big contributor for us but this year we have two players who were redshirting last year who are able to be play."

Senior guard Darryll Peterson

"This year we are looking for more offense and more transition. We are trying to speed up the game this season and win those close games that we should have won last year."

"Our team is still young. We have six newcomers last year and two this year. But because they had a lot of experience last season, that really helps us this year. I think this team has matured a lot and we will do well this year."

"After the heartbreaker against Boston at home last year, I really think that was a turning point for our team. We got a lot closer after that and from that game on, we were able to build more confidence as a team. We were able to gain more trust in each other so we are very excited for this year."

Senior guard Erica Carter

"This year we have a little more experience than we did last season. We had a lot of freshman last year who got playing time so hopefully the experience will help us out overall as a team."

"Our defensive pressure is one thing we have been good at that other teams might not realize. We have a lot of good defenders on our team and that will surprise a lot of people. Our team is also very athletic. We may not look like it but we can run and rebound."

"We are a running team this year. With our defense, we hope to create pressure and end up scoring easy baskets in transition."

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