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Moore Goal-Setter
Senior lacrosse captain Beth Moore's focus, awareness and drive have elevated her to the top of Binghamton's record books

For the past four years, senior midfielder Beth Moore has been a pillar of strength and consistency for the Binghamton women's lacrosse squad. As a member of the Leadership Panel, Beth holds the title of field leader, were she sets an example for her teammates by competing hard every play and showing a strong work ethic on and off the lacrosse field.

Moore, who has started nearly every game in her career, contributes on both ends of the field, displaying many attributes of a solid all-around player. As a tenacious defender, Moore set a single season record last year by causing 25 turnovers and continues to put up big numbers in 2011. Ranking second on the team in both major defensive categories, she has caused 15 turnovers and scooped up 26 ground balls thus far in only 12 games of action.

On the offensive side, Moore demonstrates a real knack for scoring goals. On the season, she leads the Bearcats with 27 goals and currently ranks third in the America East. Earlier this season, she tallied her 90th career goal in a game against Drexel. This goal put her ahead of previous record holder Leanne Musso (89 goals from 2005-2008), making her the all-time leader in career goals scored at Binghamton. For her career, she has scored an astonishing 105 goals and with several games remaining this season, one can only expect her to add to that total.

Each week Beth writes down a list of goals, as the week progresses she puts a checkmark next to the goals she has completed. Amidst all of her accomplishments on the lacrosse field, she still isn't satisfied. In her eyes, all the individual accolades and honors can wait, for her it's all about team success. With America East conference play just beginning, Beth and her teammates look to check off many more goals on her list.

Growing up in a hotbed for lacrosse (Long Island) when was a lacrosse stick first put in your hands?
Sixth grade, I was 11 years old

Who were your role models (heroes) growing up and who influenced you to play?
My role models include: Brandi Chastain, her ability to perform under pressure during the 1999 Women's World Cup never escaped my mind and also Maria Sharapova because she always came out to the court so focused and always looked and played fierce. My brother was the number one influence in my life who made me want to play lacrosse. I wanted to do everything he did when I was growing up and lacrosse was no exception.

Did you compete in any other sports growing up?
Yes, when I was little my Mom signed me up for everything ranging from gymnastics and ballet to volleyball and baseball, sometimes being the only girl competing. But it was soccer, which I really grew up with. In high school I was able to narrow it down to lacrosse, soccer and basketball.

When did you realize that you had the potential to play Division I level lacrosse?
I don't think I had a realization or a moment where I thought I had potential to play Division I lacrosse. When I was in high school I stepped on the field with a desire to win and to bring my team to places it hadn't been in previous seasons. With this desire I became a better player and a player who always wanted to have a stick in her hand especially in the off season (specifically summers). It was in the summer tournaments where the recruitment process to become a Division I lacrosse player began.

In the end, what factors influenced you the most when making the decision to attend Binghamton?
My future teammates, I could tell that I was going to be able to grow as a person at Binghamton.

You recently just became the all-time leader in career goals scored here at Binghamton, what's that feeling like and what do you attribute this milestone to?
This season I knew I had the potential to break the record, but I didn't know how many more goals I actually needed. I kept it this way because I did not want to become a player who didn't give up the ball to break a record. I wanted to focus on winning each game versus beating a record. My mom actually mentioned to me that I only needed two more goals to break the record. I just thought to myself, "wow that's crazy! I can do this." After breaking the record I was excited, but it is was not my main goal and focus of the season. I believe I was able to break the record because I have a great set of girls that join me every day on the field, they push and focus me when I need it most.

When playing in the midfield, what are your primary roles and responsibilities on the field?
Midfielders on the defensive end are typically responsible for marking girls above goal line extended. Depending on what defense is being run, midfielders tend to initiate doubles, break out deep for goal clears, pressure the ball, crash when the ball is in the eight meter arc and pick up loose ground balls. Transitionally, midfielders are the bridge, we connect the attacking end to the defensive end. On draw controls, we are on the circle trying to react to the draw to pick it up and bring it to our attacking end. During rides, we try to help our attackers out and get in double teams to force the opponent to turnover the ball. On the attacking end, we keep the talk up; make sure there is movement, control the tempo on fast breaks and slow breaks, and slow the ball down if the game has been back and forth.

Your game seems to evolve around power and strength, what are you best attributes on the field and what do you look to accomplish when attacking an opponents defense?
I think one of my best attributes on the field is my ability to take it to cage when I feel pressure on me. I don't mind contact. What I look to accomplish on the attacking end is very situational. My decisions are based on who is marking who on the field, the time, the score and what defense the opponent is in. However, consistency in motion, cutting through the eight and looking backside are always on my mind.

Coming into this season, what areas of your game did you look to improve upon?
I wanted to improve on my movement off ball, my first step, forgetting about past mistakes on the field and not worrying about things I cannot control on the field.

As a member of the Leadership Panel, how would you describe your leadership style and what approach do you feel is most effective?
I would say I lead by example. Everyday I go out and play and run hard. I try to elevate my game everyday and hopefully by doing so I motivate my teammates to elevate their game as well. I believe the most effective way of leadership is understanding how your teammates respond. Although it's not a type of leadership, you have to understand how to speak, listen and respond to your teammates. Each person on a team responds differently, its a leader's job to read their teammates and be able to communicate to them effectively so a team goal can be achieved.

How difficult is the act of juggling both school work and lacrosse during the season?
I don't really see it as juggling lacrosse and school work, it's my life. I have never had a college level work load without lacrosse so I have been in the routine of having class, practice, school work, bus rides and games throughout my entire college career. What helps keeps me organized from week to week, is I prioritize and make daily and weekly goals, I hand write them every week and cross them off as I do them.

You always hear the expression "take it one game at a time," but do you ever look ahead to big matchups with conference opponents as opposed to games against non-conference teams?
Yes, I think it would be naïve to say that I don't check up on conference opponents. But I make sure I am always taking it day by day.

What has been the single most memorable moment for you on the lacrosse field here at Binghamton?
Seeing my parents every game sitting in the stands. Before every game I look for them. I understand it's not a specific moment but the level of support and motivation I get from them is unparallel. They made me the athlete and person I am today. No goal can beat seeing my parents unconditionally support me.

How do you feel about graduating in May?
I think I'm ready, it's upsetting but I believe I'm ready. The hardest part about graduating is the friendships I've formed, I'm having a hard time realizing I won't be seeing some of my best friends everyday.

Majoring in mathematics, what are some of your career goals and aspirations?
I hope to become a high school math teacher that encourages her students to actually take an interest in math. I do not want my students to dread coming to math class I want them to be excited!

As we near the conference play, what do you hope to accomplish against America East opponents?
Winning. We want to keep building this season, last year we had a conference win under our belt and this year we want to keep building.

What will you miss most about playing for the Bearcats?
The sense of community the athletes form. On the field, weight room, classroom, campus and off campus we're always there for each other. I'm going to miss that sense of understanding and respect we have for each other.

What words of advice would you lend to any incoming freshman striving to be a collegiate athlete?
You have to think your dream/goals can become reality. However, they do not come easy you have to work harder every day to achieve them.

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